Ukraine exit plan : back to the 21st February deal or the Egyptian scenario. UKRAINIAN ARMY MUST STEP IN.

In both cases, reinstalling president Yanoukovich in power is the way for a long lasting stability and confidence. The new non elected post-coup government in Ukraine must step down from power-usurpated. Yes Ukraine needs the intervention of the army right now.

Bricolage, improvisation and amateurism of the street-declared transitioning government in Ukraine have reached a paramount point after the coup. Coming from a bunch of Western puppets, running after the mascarade of gay marriage, the coherence is fully operative. The last decision calling for the mobilization of the Ukraine’s army to go to war against Russia is only another step of the escalator going downwards.

Yes Ukraine needs the intervention of the army right now. Not to confront Russia who is there to prevent the chaos in Crimea from happening the hooligan way witnessed in Kiev with state’s building vandalised, encouraged by the actual members of the transitional gov. Russia is protecting Crimea from intolerable  public and savage destructions.

Eventually eastern provinces of what is still Ukraine, would benefit from that.

Yes Ukraine needs the intervention of the army in emergency to take the power from the hands of coup-authors and membership and give it back to president Yanoukovich to implement the 21st February agreement.

The Egyptian scenario is ending that way. Thanks to the army in Egypt : the country would have been looking medieval today, as it is the case in Lybia, or undergoing permanent instability, the case of Tunisa still in total errance of politics, in the absence of coherence on the board of leadership.

Leadership is not an improvisation or an adventure you jump into opportunistically.

The new non elected post-coup government in Ukraine must step down from power-usurpated. It is as simple as that.

A hundred people have already sacrified their lives to satisfy the quest of power of those adventurers in power. It is enough, they should not reclaim other lives of Ukrainian soldiers in their shamefull business consisting of playing the stooges of Western interests. Ukraine must be the priority of a leadership in Ukraine. Not the EU or the US.

More, principles of law and strict observance of the Constitution should be the baselines and the permanent framework.

While reading many commentators or listening at deciders, you may be amazing to see how distorted or illogic the rationales exposed are. The reason is quite simple : many comments are stemming  from emotion, ideology or corporatist backrounds. As a result, you will read this until sickness : Russia has violated the sovereignty and the integrity of Ukraine, and the treaty linking Russia with Crimea is a pretense for an invasion.

Others and often the same would argue the legitimacy of experts with an historical background of the relationship between Ukraine and Russia back to the Soviet Union period. OK. If you need to be historian to come up articulate and convincing, the World would have been a better place since, because of the extraordinary number of Historians around the World.

More, people living in their nation, the majority of them don’t know their history well. A fortiori the others. History is good for knowledge, of course, but this is not only for History, it goes without saying for others topics –  but unfortunately its emotional charge may be deviative and even distrative. Ukrainian problem is simple : members of the opposition have unilaterally breached the law and the deal they freely signed just hours before. Any analysis ignoring this starting point is groundless and hypocritical. This is a lie. Pure simple.

If we are looking for a way out, we must come back to that starting point and stick to it.

First, identify the fault. Why the opposition didn’t respect the deal ? Because, they opposed it. This opposition is all about this : my way or the highway.

During the emergency UN session staging yesterday, Ambassador Vitaly Churkin have asked powerful questions which went and remain unanswered.

Among those remarks, the recalling of the points fixed by the 21st February agreement between the Opposition and president Yanoukovich who remains incontestably the president elected by Ukrainian people and this was recalled as well.

The agreement stipulates this :

1. First, earlier elections : a huge concession ripped  from president Yanoukovich by Russia to help the situation go fluid, as 3 months of blocage were getting damaging. Contrary to those crying wolf today, the EU who entered the game as fake mediators and stirred the fire up, Russia has played a strong role upstream in appeasing the situation. And guess what, we are told French foreign minister is ready to conduct another mediation. He was one of the signatory of the broken deal leading to the post-coup government. What is he going to bring more other than  adding mess to the existing mess ?

2. The post of PM was handled to a member of the Opposition. At a certain point, even the PM deputy post was too, the  Russian Federation Ambassador in the USA went on noticing underlining that the post gave the prerogatives to the PM to conduct some negociations with the EU.

3. A government of national unity was adopted between the 21st February signatories and the EU mediators present. Another interesting point Ambassador Churkin had raised up.

Look what happened next : a post-coup gov comprising only members of the Opposition exactly what they were criticizing president Yanoukovich for. Their westerners allies are realizing this. Too late to be credible. They are asking  the post-coup gov to bring some modification here. Improvisation and bricolage. Cosmetic fashion for an acceptable gov Ukrainians are rejecting in the Eastern streets. Who kills by the sword shall perish by the sword.

End of the road.This opposition wanted to be calife in the place of calife.That is all. Vagabonds in power is the name of slick politicians of that kind.


If this can help Ukrainians to get a complete picture of the situation calling to join the EU exclusively :

– Britains parliamentaries and the people want to quit the EU for dictatorship. EU institutions are anything but democratic. Most of the treaties working  inside the EU have been signed without the consent of the European people. Some nations have joined the EU only by the decision of their leaders unilaterally, as Ukrainian post-coup gov is willing to do today. Sometimes, when some referendums were organized, in the rare cases, if the answer were no, the authorities  would turned it into a yes.

– The people voice in the EU counts for zero.

EU’s fate so far is pharaonic indebtness and vaudoo economic.

– French people are accusing Europe of being responsible for their woes and chronic declassification as citizens, workers sitting on a permanent brink uncertain future, low wages and with the huge and nearly insurmountable jobless…. The scenarios down the road are looking more and more as a cross road.

– Meanmwhile, inequalities are skyrocketing and people are getting mad of this. Insecurities and many trafficking and cheatings – travail au noir remain untackled.

– Savage Immigration is soaring, coming from the abolition of frontiers inside the EU-Schengen. The UK has taken some tough measures to limit the immigration of people coming from Eastern Europe. The same UK which is supporting your street gov, something they will never allow inside the UK are the same ready to exit the wonderful land named EU.

– In France, there is a Disney Land at Marne-La-Vallée.  Come and visit Disney land, you will have an idea of what the cost of living looks like : wolfy.

Still want to come to EU ? You may. But we are not there yet, as for now, you need a legitimate gov elected in the ballots and by all the Ukrainians people. Not gunstreets bought.

– All this is led by heavy Corruption.

Senator Rand Paul notes in an interview with the WP that some in the GOP are "stuck in the Cold War era." While America's relationship with Russia is far from ideal, policy makers should resist falling back into the mentality that dominated American policy towards the Kremlin for decades.
Senator Rand Paul notes in an interview with the WP that some in the GOP are « stuck in the Cold War era. » While America’s relationship with Russia is far from ideal, policy makers should resist falling back into the mentality that dominated American policy towards the Kremlin for decades.





– THE NATO’S. CNN is reporting this from the NATO. ‘What Russia is doing now in Ukraine violates the principles of U.N. charter,’ NATO Secretary General says. Bad judgment is the beginning of derapages.


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