Ukraine Opposition members : Vagabonds in Power (the new VIP).

“There is no political solution in the Middle East neither in Ukraine without Russia” : Dominique de Villepin, Former French Foreign Minister.

 Those latest days, as I was revisiting Fela Kuti’s songs, I selected a festival from Berlin (follow the link). A telling stroke me : it was the definition of V.I.P. – from Very important personality to Vagabonds in Power. He explained it well : some people, once in power, dramatically change their attitude towards people. They start superbly ignoring the people, because they have gotten rich. Alternatively, they bullied them and in the case of Ukraine, they play the people like chess pawns in their political game aiming at one objective : their selfishness and Sufficiency.

Vagabonds in Power are leading the  Opposition in Kiev. They prefer watching the country in flames, destructions and even turn hell, for the sake of their own satisfactions presented in the political field as the ones of the people. Alike Syria where the opposition is now clearly divided, Opposition vagabonds leaders in Kiev do not control the extremists elements they opened the door to, in the first place ; in total irresponsibility.

They are claiming the momentum is on their side. Easy, when your vagabondage politics is to set institutions buildings and police security forces in flames. The kind of savagery we thought would not be back too soon in the Eastern European part, after years of communism repression. It is easy to claim momentum, when you use tools as, fire, mass manipulation, blackmail, ultra populism, coping with extremists groups, lies such as European choice is better than the Russian – which is not the center of the problem by the way – All this to earn an undeserved post of PM and to lead a coup, puppets of hidden masters.

Next year will see Ukraine engaging into elections for presidential choice. What is that much important – within one year- that the vagabonds’ opposition members can’t wait, if they are assured they have gotten the majority of the people voice ? It is not as if they would have to wait too long. What is one year on the scale of political time today for a party sure to be elected in the next round up?

Why is it so urgent to stage a coup d’Etat against president Yanoukovich now, urging him to quit power, whereas he has been democratically elected ? Who are members of the Opposition to set the country in fire for illegitimate requests ? Time ahead, one day or another, those vagabonds should be judged for the murder of those Ukrainians who have already lost their lifes, abused by vagabonds leading a revolt in Kiev.

« Ukraine should not be in this position of showdown between Russia and the UE », former French Foreign Minister, Dominique de Villepin, the only person with former president Jacques Chirac opposing war in Iraq which comes to be a dramatic failure.

As the best foreign French minister ever, a man of great culture, he his warning this :

The EU should not weigh in to ask the departure of president Yanoukovich. Each time the West has come to play the game of regime change – they did it in Iraq and it ended with a catastrophe. They repeat it in Lybia : another catastrophe. They went on with it in Syria : catastrophe again. We must think first at the people, he said.

The EU must engage into a dialogue with Russia, at the highest level. Let get out of diabolisation. We should lift ourselves out of another cold war we are setting, because there is no political solution in the Middle East neither in Ukraine without Russia”.

Read the AFP Depeche here where the former french foreign minister is responding to Europe 1 Questions.

The interview started with the congratulations of France-Germay and Poland’s historical format to go to Kiev. Yesterday, the Ukrainian foreign minister, speaking to CNN, has wellcomed europeans in Kiev.

But allow me, really, allow me. French president is in a worst situation than president Yanoukovich. With less than 20% of french people saying they support the president’s politics, 80 % defiance, French people are tired asking the president to step down. He is still refusing. In other times, with such numbers of defiance, other presidents had reshuffled the government in a format close to the people’s aspirations or to the essential reforms, or dissolve the parliament to set a new one in accordance to the people’s choice.

Neither of those institutional building’s exigences is on the table. Instead, the president is superbly ignoring French people and even laughing at their faces going Muslim’s militant in a disgusting praise where the president just congratulated Muslims’ fighters during the WWII to help France. He did so during an invitation by a National Muslim’s association, one of the sacred cows in France along with its Jewish equivalent.

Not only French president’s party has been elected – and criticized for – instrumentalising Muslim’s votes, praising them, one month ahead of majoral elections the government party is said to be loosing if the vote sanction or abstention played out fiercely as forcasted, you just ask yourself why Muslims’ appeal ? Answer. Clientelism.

Moreover, gay marriage has been criticized by Christians. Consequently, Christians’ soldiers coming from French colonies during WWII are brushed out of the WWII french bataillons.

The addition of Dieudonne – a black french-Cameroonian humorist criticizing president Hollande’s Jews masters and White and Black Christians are packed into the same discriminating box – by the government and its best tool :  dogged media – to throw away as contesters of the regime calling for a regime change.

In a sense, French governance is even worst than Yanoukovitch’s. Dictatorial, not playing social cohesion, not appeasing the nation, partial and sectarian, all about winning elections without a clear political roadmap and a substantive program of reform, playing propaganda and communication where you need actions, lot of talks for nothing, ignoring the spirit of the institutions which commands the president to reshuffle now or to dissolve the parliament, maintaining a plethoric government consisting in a bunch of friends and members of the socialist party, suppressing freedoms of speech with  media tools that are now turning Inspector Gadget to oversee Dieudonne Mballa shows, without any authorisation. Yet, they have got one : freedom to denigrate and to frighten people.

This is a government, many parties have helped to win – the far right of Marine Le Pen, the center right of Mr. Bayrou who have (the two of them) since earned the nickname of traitors-in-chief for leaving president Sarkozy – from the right wing like them – down, and even Dominique de Villepin and president Chirac called to vote for Mr. Hollande.  But guess what, all the ministers and nominations are coming exclusively from the socialist party. There is no one single person in the government coming from the Opposition. President Hollande, the provincial president is as provincial as Bourvil and Fernandel were : closed up, working with only people he know well : friends, mistress many, wifes and mistress of friends, obedient members of the party. And those are leaders and people who want to tell president Yanoukovich how to rule a country  including members of the opposition in the governement, whereas in France, nothing like this ever exists, on the exception of president Sarkozy who was the first president to try to open the government and its control to other parties.

DSK was then proposed for the IMF Director’s post by president Sarkozy.  He was a socialist and  president Sarkozy who proposed him was a rightist president. You may argue, this is a Jewish connection, a supra-framework. Coïncidentally, I may say yes. But, president Sarkozy did more than proposing DSK at some high-level functions. For instance, the man in charge of supervising the use of public funds, Mr. Didier Migaud, the president of la « Cour des Comptes » and the president of the house’s financial commission was a socialist one, during Sarkozy’s tenure.

Shamefully, president Hollande adopted that Sarkozy’s tradition.

When you talk about all this, the sitting PM would call for an end of French-bashing  claiming Unity, in the name of Patriotism. Patriotism as last resort for a non reformist and an exclusive and sectarian government ready to lecture Ukraine, Syria and another governments on how to govern a nation.

I mean, when it comes to exemplarity in governing people and nations, The EU is clueless.

Many vagabonds in power, just like those in Lybia and the actual opposition in Syria and in Ukraine. More of the same wrong masters.

« Ukraine should not be in this position of showdown between Russia and the UE ». Members of Ukraine Opposition are just Vagabonds. That is what they have been doing from the very beginning, fooling Ukrainian people. Dramatic.

We recommend this alternative EU stand.

How Ukraine Can Be Saved ? From The NYTimes

By ROMANO PRODI – European leaders should schedule talks with Moscow to stop the bloodshed and find a way for Ukrainians to determine their political destiny.

« Europe needs Ukraine as a bridge to Russia more than ever ».  « A bridge to Russia » – Not against Russia. Apparently, the EU economy remains DURABLY in bad shape, prompting desperate conducts. As part of the recovery, the EU really looks kind of breathless without Ukraine. Help Ukraine not to be the EU/Ukraine opposition’s hostage. Help !