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Today may be the landmark of Ukraine renaisssance, after months of standoff. Should this be the case, it may be useful and appropriate to throw this article from Sofia News in the ballot, to update some Ukrainians unaware at the role of the Sea Trade and Development Bank.

We appreciate the good news of an understanding Opposition embrassing the hard road of peace. Making war is easy. When it comes to peace, people must transcend themselves and their basic instincts and primary interests for the good of all. Not that easy.
The Sea Trade & Development Bank is now part of the equation. Great news.
« Sea Trade & Development Bank to Boost Post-Crisis Econ Growth »- from
The Black Sea Trade and Development Bank will participate actively in the post-crisis development of the economies of its 11 members, according to Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister.

Speaking Sunday after a sitting of the Board of Governors of the BSTDB, Deputy Prime Minister Daniela Bobeva reminded that the BSTDB included 11 countries, including Turkey, Greece, Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, as well as five smaller shareholders.

She said that all of the 11 member countries had acknowledged that the BSTDB had coped with the crisis but that it was time to ensure more active lending.

Bobeva informed that the 15-year anniversary of the BSTDB would be marked with a prestigious business forum in Bulgaria.

« There will be a special session on energy, during which the projects from Azerbaijan and Russia will be discussed, as well as the gas grid interconnections between the countries in the Black Sea region, and a number of other projects in the sphere of industry, » Bobeva stated in an interview for the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR).

She pointed out that there had been a proposal to promote the participation of Bulgarian companies in the privatization process in Greece, adding that some of the more interesting privatization announcements would be published in Bulgarian media outlets.

The BSTDB was established by Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine which are the 11 founding countries of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) as a financial pillar of BSEC.

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From Geneva, Syrian talks apparently ended in a stalemate. The fact that, for the first time, since the beginning of the hellacious civil war, Syrian belligerents were brought together to the table of talks to discuss the matter face-to-face is a first step not to brush off with neglect or disgust.
Immediate peace was expected. This miraculous expectation was really to high to happen, at this preliminary stage of engaging each with another. The  UN special envoy in Syria should continue to push for a breakthrough. Eventually, he will meet the challenge.



According to the French Foreign (correction : not the foreign) but DEFENSE Minister, Yves Le Drian,  the conflict will last longer than intially forecasted. The rebels are strong and heavily equiped. Things are looking more and more Malian with a strong French military presence walking with peacekeepers forces. No one out of the insider circle of power can tell exactly whether the political language, when it comes to war, is phased gradually.

The first moment, you’ll always hear politicians talking and defending a pinprick intervention.  The month or the days after landing or starting air strikes, the language will inevitably move from a quick war to something more durable. In the end, you just find the hidden truth from the beginning of the military intervention : a protractive war coming with a lot of headaches for all the parties involved.

Not only problems supposed to be resolved got worst – « volatile » in diplomatic language –the situation is most of the times left to the initial parties in fight for a solution. Israel/Palestine being a high case of this global framework. I’m not contesting the good will of foreign military intervention, not at all. What desperately lacks inside this repetitive design are preventive actions.

Now, some initiated voices are calling for a partition, the model America applied to Sudan, based on irreconciliable religious divergences between Christians and Muslims. Until proven otherwise, Christians and Muslims are living together in many parts of the World. However, in Africa and in Arabic countries, this theorema is not proven. Ethnicity inside Africa – more than religion differences – and religion – inside Arabic nations ON THE EXCEPTION OF SYRIA – seem to be the untranscendable problems.

How is it ? Lack of democracy is the permanent answer. Democray as the panacea. Why not ?If we agree with that, therefore partition is out of question. The problem of democracy in Africa falls under the lines of bad faith, poverty and sometimes inculture and illiteracy from all the parties : pro and anti government. The final  bus stop bears a well-known name : Savagery.

Fighting poverty is a race against savagery.

Combating illetracy is a war against brutality.

Pursuing bad faith goes with high moral standards of governance.

Democracy is the point of convergence of those shaky roads. This multiple approach tells this : military intervention is far from being  sufficient ; far from reaching the target. That is why it is wiser to put  the same emphasis and striking power on preventive actions such as poverty, illetracy, healthcare also.

Reversing priorities has come with a huge price for Western powers and to African people  : Sisyphe.

At this stage, some of you are legitimate to question the ability of African rulers to keep a functioning Africa. They may also feel sick about African laziness as people, prompt to voice criticism against a predatory West trampling down the sovereignty of African nations, and the minute later, they are the same to welcome a military intervention from the same Western powers their were vehemently charging the hour before.

Really, this is a milestone headeache in Africa, something nearly insurmontable. Here we meet what I have identified as « the Neger factor » or the « Black factor », the devil in Africa. Sudan, an exemple of how African nations  are weakened  with their consent, shortsight and poor vision, laziness (corruption ?) and unexperienced or ruthless rulers. President Béchir was merciless and dividing people of Sudan on a wrong  basis : racism and discrimination based on ethnicity which happened to coincide with the color of the skin – the black or Mauritanian origin.  He has failed Sudan. 

Religion is a false excuse to power searching and holding. Cameroon provides us with a religious and ethnicity cleansing counter exemple of Muslims and Christians living together in peace and respect. Even more so, the country is bilingual : the majority is French and the West minority frontiering with Nigeria is English. Nigerians, Chadiens, Senegalese and now Congolese from Kinshasa represent strong foreigners communities.  Many Chadiens flee their country in wary periods. They just have to cross the Lac Chad on foot and enter the North Cameroon.

Senegalese are master of jewelry.

Now, Congolese are leading the new immigration, as Evangelist preachers. Savage churchs nearing savage bars are taking place at every corner of the two majors town : Douala and Yaoundé and with the noisy bars and shops, the noise of permanent prayers and chants are rendering those cities a Hell for the ears. Many churches are home-based and start from 6 pm to 11p.m late in the night. The nuisance for the students doing their homework is hell. Cameroonian government alike the others such as Ivory Coast, Kinshasa, and so forth are afraid to tackle this problem. Youth unemployment and social assistance inexistence coupled with the lack of social security are behind the governments’ laisser-aller. In Africa, disorder adds up.

Meanwhile, in Nigeria, religious communities are killing each other frequently. Trying to build a religious theorem over those differenciated situations is somehow precipitous. The great risk is adding another false analysis and problem to the existing ones. Yes, frontiers were drawn down savagely. No, this is not a reason to add more frontiers on this mess.

African Union is and should be the focus. Africa Unite ! The message of Bob Marley has never been more accurate than today.


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By Cuba Ministry of Foreign Affairs.Vénézuela in fire

« At least three people have died in violent protests in the Venezuelan capital, officials have confirmed. President Nicolas Maduro has condemned the unrest as an attempt at a coup d’état orchestrated by extremist members of the political opposition ». (GR)

Picture. Global Research.

How many of those attempts Presidents Chavez and Fidel Castro have escaped to or succomb at, the case for president Chavez empoisoned with bio arms ?

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