Ukraine’s bandits holding power through a coup have asked for a game. Here is the game. Phase B.

How to react to the self-declared Kiev parliament as the body in power to design a dead-born government ?

How to respond to a coup-driven president, man of Opposition and up in the chain of responsibilities which led to the killing of nearly a hundred manifestants holding Maïdan, beyond reason and long after a deal were brokered between the politicians leaders they seemingly delegated their representation to ?

How to start answering to such a president, who, the day after failing to stick to his words through the signature of  a peace deal, rushed to the mic to spell the unspeakable : Ukraine is going to be a Member of the European Union, starting from the day after. The second step was to ask the Eu and the IMF to come around with some bailouts. And the IMF quickly responded- contrary to its pace and formula – YES WE CAN. WE CAN DO IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. AFTER YOU SIGN A DEAL WITH THE EU.

You don’t need to know how to read into a chrystal ball to envision the outcome, the day after.

1. President Yanoukovich’s reaction and many significants ones we will be speaking of afterwards.

2. Crimeans opposing the self-standing government at Kiev as  non representative of the Nation as a whole.

3. And, naturally, Russia anticipating the move of Kiev’s illegal frame in Crimea.  Anticipation is where president Yanoukovich failed heavily. It wasn’t his fault : he got naive towards an Opposition Angel like – siding with « peaceful »demonstrators – turning predatory, along the process. In fact, those wolves hid their real nature behind masks and good feelings.

A saying tells « bad policies can come out of good sentiments ». Effectively, this has played out  in full scale of both sides.

President Yanoukovich was hesitative and reacting slowly and carefully, trapped by the « international community »‘s  warnings to respect « freedom of peaceful demonstrations in a democracy » and excess of caution to avoid a bloodshed – this is not incompetence, but a trap he saw at the very last moment, certainly when the Opposition opened his eyes, after the 21st February.  For him, the only chance of survival was to fly away momentarily. He has apologized for this. Could he have acted differently ? To stay and wait for an arrest and a jail ? May he have called the Army to implement an immediate curfew ? The Army or the Parliament ? Following a deal, would the army obey ?

Many observers have noticed a surprising event, after the deal was signed : men in  arms in charge of order and surveillance in the Maïdan place started to leave the place, without any explanation. We should suppose that, the coup started immediately, after the signature of the deal. Who ordered those men in  army to move away ?

Where president Yanoukovich mistake was slowness and excess of  naivity, the Opposition was sure to explode in full flight. Their mistake : precipitation and attempt of cheating on the people.

Until proven contrary, the decisions to go all European, to form a governement, to destitute a president elected, one year ahead of general elections are out-of-law. If Ukraine is a State of Law, and I believe it is – surely it was – then either, such a decision is to be submitted to the people of Ukraine who don’t begin and end in Kiev, or each region and province can hold its own coup with its closest allies and makes its personal way for a de facto autonomy or separation.

Time for big game is Now. And this is the best part unfolding the initial disorder implemented in Kiev by the apprentices sorcerers.

For Ukraine to move forward, the EU and its allies must step aside first. By the way, what are they thinking about the non respect of a deal they co-signed ? Is this the rule of law ? Is it a model for the respect of sovereignty some in their side are putting forward ?

We shall be speaking about this Ukrainian situation all this hot week-end. Be prepared for a firestorm here.