Ukrainian Opposition confounds liberty and anarchy. Geneva II, the comedy show to come.

Two days ago, I insisted upon Ukrainian Opposition dishonesty taking the country in hostage because 20,000 to 200,000 people over 40 million Ukrainians were against the Russian-Ukrainian deal preferring the country to turn EU’s member. The continuing demonstrations over a so called liberty are now becoming abusive and even more so, violent, savage and destructive.

We are no longer in democracy, especially considering the ultimatum given to the government to step down. Come on, this is total nonsense or hijacking. Then you have got that Timoshenko, jailed for proven corruption who is not yet cured from her defeat against the sitting president, praising the destructions of the demonstrators from her jail, calling them « fight for liberty ». Which liberty ?

The liberty to topple an elected president only because he is not signing any deal with the EU ?

Who are the members of the Opposition to mislead Ukrainians that way ? West backed Orange Revolution is behind us and it has proven leaders coming out of that, such as dame Timoshenko, corrupt as others ; no more no less than in the ex soviet union empire. By the way wasn’t Brejnev Ukrainian ? Isn’t it a dictatorial figure who led Russians’ Republics with an iron fist. So who is to blame here ? Russian under an Ukrainian dictator ruler or Ukrainians themselves for turning the Soviet Union dictatorial ?

The problem with young people manipulated in the process today is their lack of historical background. One can see the damages in America where black people are completely lost or wandering here and there and it looks like this a global pattern, even inside nationals. Some irresponsable politicians have got a wide boulevard here to conduct evil in politics. Ukraine is  Russian first.

According to the rule of democracy, Ukrainian Opposition should wait the next round of general elections and see whether the people is behind their pro EU choice or not. If so, no doubt they will win the election by a comfortable margin. Thereafter, they will have the legitimacy to shift the country the way they like to. Untill then, the Ukrainian choice is clear : Ianokovitch is the President elect and he is in charge of the nation.

By the way, that a member of an Opposition is giving her push to  public destructions and endless demonstrations bearing a destructive impact on the economy is absolutely voiceless, for the unthinkable irresponsability shown here. All this for political calculation. Dame Timoschenko is definitely disqualified in the process. So is the Opposition as a whole.

Here is my take and Gay community would not like this : behind the so called progressive choice of the EU vs Russia, lies the hidden untold story of gay marriage and gay propaganda’s supporters. The Oppositon in Ukraine is for the EU just because this will lead them to that gay marriage. No more, no less. Sex driven politics is brainless and stupid.

Facing the same situation, Egypt was lucky having the army at hand. Sometimes, to avoid chaos, calling to army to keep the nation working and going is a good idea. Tough laws against demonstrations are welcome, in this regard. It is not the dreamt scenario, but a necessity to avoid the country slipping into chaos and, in the end, turning into a civil war.

Endless and violent demonstrations are no longer liberty but anarchy.

Ukrainian Opposition and Muslims brothers : more of the same  on the axis of Republican Integrism they have invented. On this axis, we also range the gay croisade all over the world. If you agree with them, it is OK. They will air some ads and congratulations using their tool at disposal : western medias.  If not, they would defame you and hunt you to death sparing no tools,  no lies and people instrumentalisation even misinterpreting the Constitution, on purpose.


Unfortunately, the UN rejection of Iran as a de facto member on the Geneva roundtable of transition in Syria has just come down to the same pattern. Before the start of negociation, the result is already signed. If we know the outcome, why making a parody of conference ? This Geneva II is either hysterical or a  travesty.

Ariel Sharon. Credit Jim Wallace (Smithsonian Institution)

What about Syrian people’s choice ? CNN envoy was reporting clearly on the issue « considering the situation in Syria, Syrians favor Assad to be their president now and after, as he is the only one to keep the nation stable and functionning ». The Syrian divided opposition and Western puppets Opposition have got no legitimacy ground in Syria. They are acting on their own names and, not surprising, in the names of their Western masters who funded and still are, arm and assist them in the devilish job of destroying a country throwing it into a civil war and fighting their president.

If the West still have a bit of conscience, they should recognize their entire responsibility into this Syrian nightmare : arming and forging and opposition in a nation through some stupid men, traitors and greedy, to take on the satanic mission of bringing down a president and a functionning government, under foreign obedience, is subject to High Treason punishable by either life emprisonment of death penalty.

Who  are the fire starters ? This is the avoided question by all the commentators and World deciders. The naked truth is our firefighters of Geneva II are.

Of course, this is not an excuse for the pictures of extreme tortures a last-minute defector named « Ceasar » has brought to CNN as a proof Assad’s regime was behind this. When I heard the name the Guardian, then I think about Snowden croisade, I feel just like ‘not even giving a peek to this’. I will say, I’m suspicious this is another trick, Israelite like. Just two days before Geneva II ? where neither Assad and nor it’s closest ally Iran are invited ? –  needly to say this Syrian problem needs to be dealt with by regional powers inside the region, not by Western imperialistic and colonial states from Geneva –  Superpowers or the UN have got the right to assist them in bringing common sense governance and peace. They should help mediating the process. But, for them to decide unilaterally from the West side is a mistake. I mean everything is wrong with Geneva II : the place, the invited nations and the non-invited and the whole protocol and framework. Sorry to say that. 

So are those exposed pictures. This is not the first time the Syrian Opposition is caught in plain light mounting  fake scenes of crimes. This is first. Second, we all know that the Syrian Opposition that have got their permit to kill Syrian authorities and civilians against them in total impunity –  a permit given by Western manager of Geneva II – are Torturers-in-chief. So they may well  be the ones who conducted those evil tortures.

I doubt those pictures are Syrian gov job.  I  need to see irrefutable proofs to buy this Ceasar storytelling, coming two days ahead of Geneva II. Those are the kind of strange coincidence Israel has come to be the MasterChief.

Geneva II is more of the same as Ukrainian Opposition along with the Muslims Brothers : I will only talk with those I agree with. Republican Integrism. Ante Republican.

Whereas Lybia and Syria are the same protocol, Ukraine may well be another Egypt.

Yesterday, Piers Morgan (CNN) was hosting two Kennedys. At a certain point, he rebounds upon the endorsement of the late senator, Kennedy, for Obama, in 2008. The question was how the Great Senator came to that decision ? Why ? Here the answer by one of the Kennedy : he sensed that Obama was on his brother’s footsteps, as an historical figure of change, whereas Hillary was looking more conventional.

A figure of change ? Obama seems behind his promise. While we all agree American Economy is going better and Health care is on track, we are also disappointed by the lack of change on international stage and concerning the enhancing of American Standing still  not there. This Geneva II is another testimony of that failure of American standing around the World. Not only Israel/palestinian conflict has moved from one inch, since Obama is in power – which is absolutely incredible – but a repetition of the past unbalanced and injust scenario applied in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Lybia, aiming to chose leaders of nation in the place of their People – by all means : coup, fomenting rebellion, organising a West-led transition not asked by the people –  is deceitful for Obama. So, where is that historical figure Senator Ted Kennedy had chosen to lead the World ? Are we turning mad ?

Is Governor Chris Chritie’s Zimmer(wo)man Hoboken  huntman assisted by a lost Bruce Springsteen in plain Rambo marketing of something beyond his majesty,  the beginning of another Jewish crusade like to appoint the next President of the United States ? Watch Bruce, born in the USA, performing the « trafic jam » here.

Born in the USA means nothing special, as some Jews born in France are just Jews, caring very little of France avenir.

To move forward with the topic, here below are two OpEd selected for you. The first one is about Ukraine and the second one is related to Sharon legacy. The two of them are from Eurasia Review. Best reading and watch out.

AnelkaWatch out how a Jew’s sponsor of Anelka Club Football is pulling back from the club financing, just because of this gesture called in France « la quenelle ». Jews in France have decided that this is an inverted nazi’s salute. Anelka did it in support to Dieudonné, a humoristic artist in France that has been forced by law to change his show’s name « the Wall » in reference to Israeli Wall of separation that has replaced the Berlin Wall. Forced to change the name and the contents of the spectacle. Words are under scrutiny, by some ushers appointed by the Mayor of the cities such as the city of Bordeaux, a strong opponent to the humorist show. Previously, the mayor of Bordeaux, a right wing officer, former PM of France, had voiced his fierce opposition to the staging of the spectacle « the Wall » in the city of Bordeaux. No comment for a man who has been under many scandalous affairs concerning many public abuses benefiting either his son or his party. He was sentenced one year of ineligibility for that, some years ago.

This is today’s French freedom of speech for some targeted artists. Their particularity is their public success and the envy coming with that, mainly if you dont’t have the Jewish or the White color of skin origins. You speak under judicial officers’ watch or you don’t. And please be careful at the words you use. If the officers appointed – inside the circle of the persons authorised to select the appointees – value your words as antisemitic, then you are shutdown immediately  and brought to Justice for another round of condemnations and fines after which before you even open your mouth, you’re censored. There it went, two weeks ago : 20 cities of France categorically shutdown the booked hall of the show « le Mur » and brought their censorship to the State dependant Justice that confirmed the decision of the Mayors.

The appeal administrative court, the French Conseil d’Etat, an undefined body mix of judiciary and administration, systematically confirmed the decision of the local administrative court, for the first two or three cases. To avoid repeating the game twenty times, the humorist and his staff comprising his lawyer came to that other solution : changing the name of the show and erasing stances sounding antisemitic for the censors.

If you want to kill the corrosif art of humour and satire, today’s official french censorship provides you with an excellent pattern. Poor France, economically declining, culturally (the latest results concerning test on education worldwide confirm) and artistically.

Protecting and fighting for Freedom of speech is not something Anelka alone outside France should cary high like a flag. I’m grateful to Christiane Amanpour (CNN) recalling why president B. Franklin sent America to WWII. It is and should be everyone’s duty and businesses. And if some Jews are not happy, let them be, but we ought not to turn our eyes elsewhere when it comes to this indestructible principle, the backbone of our civilisation. If we agree with this, then Anelka is to praise after his heroic defense of human liberties.

Some have argued, In a stadium ? I respond, no place is excluded when it comes to fight for freedom of speech. And this is our responsibility to protect cheerfully that priceless legacy. Of course, one time in the stadium is enough and Anelka has said it. So why is the sponsor looking today quitting the club ? Ecercising maximum pression to the english federation which is to decide the fate of Anelka today is petty businesses. This amounts to corruption and blackmail : sordid practises.

Today in France, using the name « Wall » for a show is forbidden ; so is the word « Nazi » in Israel. The Knesset has ruled a law on the word : an  insult punishable by law. Paranoia has got no limit. Now, not only Israel or some Jews around the World are controling Politicians and Sports activities, banks and some economies such as europeans, especially France –  ask why the nation is in deep crisis – but they want to control freedom of speech, artists and culture as a whole. Dark times are back.

It reminds me about American black Jazzmen coming in France, in the sixties at Saint-Germain-les-Prés to perform, because in America, they were persona non grata. Half a century after, Jazz music has emerged as a Noble Art. A high standard.

Talking about Sport, Franck Ribery, the winner, stripped politically from the « ballon  d’or » is noticing with a great sense of reason that they are too much politics in the attribution of those prices that have become politicised. For the worst. I approve Franck Ribery’s frustration over the stealing. 

World medals and prices, particularly in Sports should be out of politics and out of money, and out of Judaism. May be a panel of soccer supporters, chosen at random Worldwide should be the voters, to avoid corruption again and again everywhere money, prizes, awards are in play.

One can measure the distance here with this Geneva II.  One hand, you have that Jewish dictatorial rule leading the World nobody is criticising without risks taking as retaliation coming from the self-declared elected people of the World, who is safe and secured by America for the eternity. And on the other hand you have got Syria, the arab states and others who have to obey  Israel puppets ruling the World. Two standards = discredit.

By the way Israel, Pakistan and India are Nuclear weapon nations. But, guess what, Israel is crying wolf hypocritically every times, everywhere against a Nuclear Iran. And guess what, America as usual are the dog behind and lying down. Cowardly.

Where is change Kennedy has died for, trying to reverse the course of the World, taking it out from the bloody enslavering Jews’ grisps of steel ?

Are you then surprised, Iran is not invited to attend Geneva II ?

From CNN. President Obama will travel to Vatican City on March 27 to meet Pope Francis, the White House announced today.

In a press release, the White House said Obama « looks forward to discussing with Pope Francis their shared commitment to fighting poverty and growing inequality. »

Good news. While doing so, don’t forget to ask for soul mercy. First.

Second, concerning poverty and growing global inequality, the french journal Les Echos has announced that « only 1% of the population owns 50% of the global wealth ». How is it ? In France, 20% of the population hold 80 % of the national wealth.

Third. And what about fiscal havens ?

Watch out at Davos where the topics of « global inequality » is central on the agenda, having in mind that slavery is at the root of poverty and growing inequality in the World. Who is or are the Masters of Slavery and slaved economies ?


Latest. By CNN.  Former Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, have been charged with accepting illegal gifts, a U.S. official says.

McDonnell had been under investigation by the FBI for his relationship with a certain donor who provided multiple gifts, including large financial contributions, to the governor and his family.

How Ukraine’s Opposition Parties Are Failing Euromaidan – OpEd

January 21, 2014

By George Richards

So much for peaceful change. Another normal day in the Ukrainian Parliamentbegan on January the 16th with the usual series of mutual accusations flying between the two main political forces: the pro-European opposition and the members of the ruling Party of the Regions. What should have been a heated debate on the 2014 budget flared up into a literal fistfight between lawmakers, leaving several MPs wounded and the international standing of the opposition in tatters.

In the moments leading up to the final vote as the proposed legislation was being read, pro-European MPs jumped the gun and moved the ruckus from the streets to the parliamentary chamber. Fists flew from all directions, landing mostly on Vladimir Malyshev of Yanukovych’s Party of Regions, who was left with a bloody nose and forehead.

Unfortunately, this spectacle of “democratic politics” has become a common occurrence in a country split down the middle between the two opposing factions. This is not the first time that anger has boiled over among Ukraine`s pro-EU camp; similar scenes erupted last year, wounding several MPs. In April 2010, the Speaker of the Parliament was forced to hide behind an umbrella while opposition leaders threw eggs and smoke bombs to protest the extension of Russia’s lease on the Sebastopol naval base. However, the fiercest rustle occurred in December 2010, when six lawmakers were sent to the hospital following a brawl in which MPs threw chairs and punched opponents.

This time around though, the tense mood comes against the backdrop of the significant public turmoil that has erupted on the streets of Kiev over the past two months. Protesters have occupied the city’s main square, forming a movement called Euromaidan. They are demonstrating against Yanukovych’s decision to put off the signing of an Association Agreement with the European Union. Ukraine’s president has thus far refused to join Russia’s competing Customs Union, but the $15 billion financial aid package agreed with Russia is seen by protestors as a betrayal of their European ideals.

This is not the first time that doubts have arisen over the way the opposition would handle the political power they so covet. Earlier this week, Anatoly Hrytsenko, a member of the Ukrainian opposition party Batkivshchyna, came under fire for “participating in an information war against his own faction”, which led to his expulsion from a party meeting. His crime: a blog post in which he observed that the Kiev protests have been thinning out. He has subsequently quit the party.

This series of signals from the opposition reflects a fracture between the values they publically stand for and the political methods they use. It is hard not to notice the double standard. Although the Ukrainian opposition has openly supported and participated in the peaceful protests in Kiev, they have shown quite a different face in Parliament and in inner party circles.

Indeed, the front against Yanukovych seems now more divided than ever, with three leading figures, Yatseniuk, Klichko and Tyahnybok, all vying for influence. Having failed to agree on a common candidate for the forthcoming elections, tensions have risen in what looks like a tug-of-war over the future leadership of the protest movement. One such example comes from Svoboda, a far-right party with a shady neo-Nazi past that has been playing on anti-Semitic feelings to gain control of the crowds gathered in Kiev’s main square. On January 1, 15,000 supporters marched through the streets chanting nationalistic anthems commemorating Stepan Bandera, a Nazi collaborator and leading party figure.

Such worrying tendencies seem to contradict the narrative that the Euromaidan is a homogenous pro-European demonstration that wants to put Ukraine on a Western track. As protests progress, increasingly undemocratic political gestures seem to be gradually taking hold of the country’s parties.

The opposition’s first crack at government shouldn’t be made by actually splitting open the heads of their political opponents. For a movement that is rhetorically fighting for European values and pushing for closer integration with the West, these are bad omens. Such acts do not bode well in European chancelleries and threaten to reduce the credibility of the already divided opposition.

Zbigniew Brzezinsky, a former US presidential advisor declared in a recent interview with Ukrayinska Pravda that the Ukrainian opposition needs to show “true and sincere unity which could be seen by anyone” and “a gifted and charismatic leader”. So far though, the opposition seems keener on winning petty squabbles than on actually coming up with a political platform matched by actions and not just by hollow words. Ukraine’s protestors deserve more.

George Richards currently works as a senior consultant in Ukraine’s energy sector. He has lived and worked in the country for over two decades since leaving the UK, where he was born and raised.


The Imperator: Sharon’s Catastrophic Legacy – OpEd


January 19, 2014


Uri Avnery

Uri Avnery is an Israeli writer and peace activist with Gush Shalom. Avnery sat in the Knesset from 1965-74 and 1979-81 and was the owner of HaOlam HaZeh, an Israeli news magazine, from 1950 until it closed in 1993. He is famous for crossing the lines during the Battle of Beirut to meet Yassir Arafat on 3 July 1982, the first time the Palestinian leader ever met with an Israeli. Avnery is the author of several books about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including 1948: A Soldier’s Tale, the Bloody Road to Jerusalem (2008); Israel’s Vicious Circle (2008); and My Friend, the Enemy (1986).