US presidential campaign. Why businessmen (women) are making so poor politicians?

February 2015. Just back from America. Now it is a differend story.

After Trump’s running off the track with his double mistake against president Obama birthplace and Muslims criticism : both referring to Obama Trump’s obsession, here is my take over the presidential last debate to which Trump has brought an excellent starting point summarized with the question above : how is it businessmen understand so little about politics ?

I could have also said how is it politicians are so poor businessmen ? So, whenever I see one of those people trying to exit the lane, it raises my curiosity to see the moment they are going to initiate their fall down, by themselves. The first alert came during the last debate with Ms Fiorina, so articulate, looking so amateur in foreign policy. She is absolutely off track.

By the way, I have a HP plant under my feet, here where I’m still roaming in a France campaign. In a sense, I consider myself LOST. But you know what, this is the moment and the place where your perception is at its highest alert standing. So, the HP plant here has earned poor social credentials and a short moral standing dealing with either territorial development and social inclusion. When I hear « HP », I stand still first and clear my eyes and ears, second, before clearing my throat.

HP in Villefontaine is sort of an abandoned place, just like a wound in a desolated and isolated landscape. The multinational came here for tax codes exemptions. When times came to pay their fair share, they moved away… HP is by far, not a model to sell for change in America, considering the Villefontaine’s plant results.

Nevertheless, Ms Fiorina has underlined a good definition for leadership :

 – Challenging the status quo

– Solving problems

– Obtaining results.

She was so articulate while responding to Gov. Chris Christie’s remark about overselling themselves with their resume and business experiences. « You were all great. Congratulations. Let’s move ahead with the debate », Gov. Christie told them. Somebody added « we are all qualified to stand here ».

The fact is businessmen or women will be encline to do so, to catch up with the knowledgeability factor. 

Which brings us to the relationship between leadership and character.

Again, back to Trump, the animator of this first part of the campaign, untill he started crunching yesterday. Earlier, Trump said « look at this face, who is going to vote for this face » ? Naturally, as every lazy person intoxicated by some basic instints conventional and politically correct comments, Ms Fiorina missed the point. It was not about here « beautiful face » Trump told her, laughing slowly as someone who just  pounded his adversary’s comprehension of nuanced facts – it was about the degree of confidence her face could inspire to the people.

Leadership is about character, i.e. about the ability to produce and draw trust. Is Miss Fiorina trusty ? You are the one to answer. Gaining trust comes in three phases :

First, your words and the flow. Behind the flow lies something you can’t control : your character. The flow is your respiration and it tells another story.

Second, your argumentation.

Third. Your ability to capture and connect with your audience durably. This is the moment when a candidate starts changing his statute from candidate to a may-be-president. Here, something else is required : the aura, an upper standing.

Businessmen heaviness is well known and could be a handicap. Indeed a huge one. When you hear our two outsiders triumphant  businessman and woman, you can see this working around them as a belt ; like a straitjacket.

Businesses and politics are two different universes using different codes. Unfortunately, those latest years, corruption in politics has turned the World upside down :politicians are businessmen subalterns or surrogates. After all, those businessmen are the funders of their poor political campaigns ; in a sense, billionnaires are their employers. Just like Mr. Trump can employ Ms. Fiorina.

Which brings us to money in politics and the consequences of it over the ongoing crisis of migrants in Europe.

At this stage, I suggest we can take a break.