‘Tel Aviv-dominated Zionist power configurations’ ARE our modern pestilence. THE PLAGUE OF THE 20TH CENTURY.

Ladies and gentlemen. Fellow citizens of America and of the World, including Israelis, this is a text everybody should read and share, for the sake of the New Age of Humanity. 

As I posted the french text over the Israeli undisputable supremacy – HERE, ON THURSDAY -FRIDAY, AFTER THE TEL-AVIV SHOW IN PARIS’ FABRICATED BEACHES AROUND LA SEINE – I already enjoyed the first reactions coming from America, posted HERE, advocating for clean practices.

This is another marvelous continuity to frame the conflicting logics shaping the World today. From A to Z, those logics are rooted in the Zionist agenda, synthetisized by this formula : ‘The Tel Aviv-dominated Zionist power configurations’. 

I really apologize to Eurasianews for the lenght of the excerpts. Please, please. Do accept my apology. This text echoes and confirms many observations and feelings I’ve been talking about. 

Israel’s Proxies And The Obama–Iran Nuclear Accord – OpEd

By James Petras

Sunday, August 16th, 2015

In the village of Duma, an 18 month old Palestinian baby died following the fire-bombing of his family’s home by Israeli settlers. The father of the child died of burns a week later and the surviving mother and young sibling are barely alive – covered with burns from racist Jewish arson.

The United Nations Special Committee to investigate Israel’s practices toward Palestinians in Israeli occupied territory have revealed that the ‘root cause’ of the escalating violence is the ‘continuous policy of Jewish settlement expansion (financed and defended by the Netanyahu regime) and the climate of impunity relating to the activities of the settlers (financed and defended by the Presidents of the 52 Major American Jewish Organizations). (UN News Centre, Aug. 10, 2015).


The 52 organizations brazenly announced a $40 million budget to fund an Israeli front group “Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran” to undermine President Obama’s (and the other members of the P5+1) push for diplomacy.

Netanyahu’s ‘megaphones’ in the US mass media spread his message in their daily reports and editorial pages. The Zionist power configuration ran roughshod over dissident Jewish voters and Congress people who dared to support Obama’s Iran agreement – an agreement which has majority support of the war-weary US public and strong support from US scientists and Nobel Prize recipients.


The motor force of Israeli foreign and domestic policy is their drive for unchallenged regional supremacy: Military dominance through wars, territorial occupation, brutal armed interventions, extra territorial political assassinations of opponents and favorable one-sided treaties. To ensure its unquestioned dominance Israel has developed the only nuclear weapons arsenal and largest missile launch capacity in the region and has openly declared its willingness to use nuclear weapons against regional rivals.

Israel’s repeated mantra that it faces an ‘existential threat’ from its Arab neighbors and subjugated Palestinians has no factual basis. On the contrary, history has taught the world that Israel, directly and indirectly, has engaged a series of aggressive wars devastating its Arab and Muslim neighbors. Israel has bombed and/or invaded Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Palestine and Sudan.

Israel has assassinated scientists in Iran and Palestinian political leaders as well as intellectuals, writers and poets in the Gulf, Jordan and Europe. Even family members have not been spared Israeli terror.

Israel can brutalize its neighbors with total impunity because of its vast military superiority, but its real power is found in its overseas proxies, the Tel Aviv-dominated Zionist power configurations, especially in North America and Europe. The most important proxy organizations and individuals operate in the United States. Thanks to them Israel has received over $150 billion dollars in economic and military grants and loans from US taxpayers in the past half-century. Each year Israel rakes in billions in tribute, billions in tax-free donations from billionaire Israel loyalists with dual US citizenship, who extract their wealth from American workers, investors and gamblers, and hundreds of billions via unrestricted investments, privileged market access and technology transfers.

The economic and military transfers to Israel result from the cumulative build-up of political power among powerful US Zionists. No one disputes today that what is dubbed as the ‘pro-Israel lobby’ is the most powerful configuration inside Washington DC today. Focusing primarily on the ‘Israel lobby’ overlooks the powerful role that influential, Zionist political officials have played in deciding issues prioritized by the Israeli leadership.

Israeli power over the making and implementing of US Middle East policy has led to the US invasions of Iraq, Syria and Libya; the current economic boycott and blockade of Iran; the breakup of Sudan; and the bombing of Somalia.

Israeli power in the US operates through various political instruments in different institutional settings. The pro-Israel mass media moguls at the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and all the TV networks unconditionally defend Israel’s bombing, dispossession and repression of Palestinians while demonizing any Arab or Muslim states which has opposed its brutality – frequently calling for the US to impose sanctions and/or to launch armed attacks against Israel’s critics.


There have been scores of public and private meetings in the US and elsewhere, where Netanyahu’s regime “informed” (or rather dictated to) the entire Zionist power configuration to launch an economic and military attack against Iran with the open aim of ‘regime change’ and the ultimate aim of breaking up and destroying the Islamic republic – similar to the destruction of Iraq, Libya and now Syria.

I Can’t wait to tell you to shift immediately to the entire text. AWESOME. The Centrality of Israel’s Unchallenged Regional Supremacy.


AGAIN. ‘The economic and military transfers to Israel result from the cumulative build-up of political power among powerful US Zionists. No one disputes today that what is dubbed as the ‘pro-Israel lobby’ is the most powerful configuration inside Washington DC today. Focusing primarily on the ‘Israel lobby’ overlooks the powerful role that influential, Zionist political officials have played in deciding issues prioritized by the Israeli leadership’.


‘There are going to be some Democrats who end up opposing this deal, partly because as I said yesterday in the speech, the affinity that we all feel towards the state of Israel is profound, it’s deep.

And you know when Israel is opposed to something a lot of Democrats, as well as Republicans, pay attention.

The difference though, is that most of the Democratic senators have taken the time to actually read the bill and listen to the arguments. A sizeable proportion of the Republicans were opposed before the ink was even dry on the deal before it was even posted, and that gives you sense of the degree to which this is driven by partisan politics or ideology as opposed to analysis’ (President Obama, The Mic Interview).


In the meantime, they are still operating in total clandestinity trying to invade Russia with products under a reciprocal embargo. European and US Zionists were first to declare an embargo against Russia. But, they also are the first to circumvent it desperately.

While ‘Greek economy surprises, returns to growth in second quarter’, French growth is zero. See the map here : French economy stalls as Germany sees growth. Among the 8 nations compared, only Spain and Sweden hit the 1% growth.

Ukraine US zionists driven coup is hitting French fragile economy badly. With zero reform and domestic defiance toward the governance, the confidence index is not favorable to business settlement domestically. Forecasts are foggy. And there is no sign of an electro choc ahead, as the Labour Minister is set to resign early in September to take back his mayorial seat. President Hollande has declared that, without results on unemployment reduction, during his tenure, his candidacy to run again becomes void. At this time, next year, the moment of truth will be knocking at the Elysee Palace.

As for Greece, there are reasons to fear that the recipe could fail to succeed. Tax raises along with pensions and wages cuts could dry up private sector’s health while impoverishing people. Those two factors combined could bend the curve of national wealth and affect the GDP. How do you raise the GDP so as to pay your debt ? This is an Euclidien equation. Hoping the equation will be solvable.

>>> QUARTZ – The euro zone’s pathetic economic recovery, in eight pitiful charts.


00.30. Paris time. Google is alerting me somebody has used my gmail account in Paris, while I was at Villefontaine. View below (2).


Excerpt : ‘Cette vermine  sait pouvoir compter avec le laxisme étatique qui, par peur, leur garantit tout : l’impunité de Wall Street, celle de tous les parasites qui polluent le net et s’incrustent partout où on ne les a pas invités, celle qui laisse vendre les armes au tout venant et celle qui autorise l’Etat lui-même à être un Etat-Voyou, à la solde de cette pestilence’.

Keep in mind that this state’s lax turning thug or hooligan-like under ‘Tel Aviv-dominated Zionist power configurations’, counts The NYT, as one of the first hand members, topping the System. What the NSA and the AT&T knew, the ‘Tel Aviv-dominated Zionist power configurations’ knew it as well. The medias, the ‘entairtainment society’ including fashion, Hollywood, cultural circles, govs, Wall Street, some intellectual circles, secret societies as freemason or Bildeberg, publishers co-sponsoring the NYT’s book awards and ranking are the nucleus of the Global Perverted System. That is why, inside the devilish circle, you hardly found one person against gay so-called marriage.

For them to come out and brand themselves as discovering – at the same time as you and me – what Snowden or Wikileaks have revealed publicly, is another simulacrum. The dice are rigged and fake as the whole system is.

When the coin toss reveals that heads or tails, you always win, then you’re duped twice. That is how to interprete the NYT’s discovery.

The absence of a net police is related to State permissiveness. Lawmakers are the ultimate responsible.

Credo. Yesterday, the New York Times ran a front page story about a special, decades-long partnership between the NSA and AT&T.

AT&T customers in particular need to read about their telecom’s « extreme willingness to help » carry out unconstitutional surveillance programs for the U.S. government. Please read and share the news reports below.

— Becky Bond, CREDO


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