By Dr Elise Mbock.

Yesterday, French justice condemned by immediate appearance three persons charged with violence during last Sarcelles demonstrations. The events rapidly followed our characterization of this French regime as authoritarian. This was yesterday. Coincidentally, it could only be because of Sarcelles, that other Jewish capital inside France.

I invite you to read a post by Mehdi “We Single Israel Out Because We in the West Are Shamefully Complicit in Its Crimes » to get why Israel is on the wrong path of History and “should pivot away” to paraphrase President Obama from this wrong way – the reader should put aside the purpoted accusations against Assad or Iran, which are until today, not proven.

For this purpose, I also invite you to read – if you haven’t yet – the excellent post by Doctor Paul Craig Roberts (Global Research) for a global clear picture out of ideological frames.

We need Public stage doctors for scalped insight. We also need them to raise the debate to the place it should have never slipped away from : the law, the values and the principles of the civilization we inherited from our founding fathers.

This is a task I am in since 2008, the moment – I told you before – the moment I caught the Obama’s Change train. At the beginning, everyone was laughing at the challenge consisting in displacing mountains, just by words and faith. Today, everybody is out there to claim the paternity of this immense and patient task blessed by God.

Blessed, for, in the fight, I had the chance to meet other people sharing the same concern probably in the Net before I entered it. Among many, Global Research has been and is a Great Ally to be honored here. indeed. I express all my recognition to them. Together, we have built this extraordinary momentum, opened fields of speech confiscated long time ago and given back to the people  and even to a certain press, the courage they were missing under brutal oligarchies to fight for their rights and their liberties and their dreams and their well-being. For the press, it means reflecting the deontology of their raison d’être. Something they have lost long time ago. When a press is corrupt, freedoms are in jeopardy, so is knowledge.

Thanks also to CNN – even when you have to read stupid titles like this « Sanctions on Russia: Would World Cup boycott hit harder? » where the larbin outpaced His Master. A Big joke, that journalism today  a reader has said, confirming « presstitute soul and nature ». Prostitution is a world of violence and despair. There is no love around and no blooming out of it.

..To the Huffpost UK  – may be they will be embarrassed of face inner sanctions, sorry

… and the New York Times, among many outlets I will not cite here by precaution,  french alike, for updating me with the news. It goes without saying. Spanish, Deutsch and other languages are also concerned, as information has gotten circular. If not, english language is a common place for news dispatching.

What is for sure is everything you need to know is available in the Net. Bottom line.

Great Thanks to the White House for his/its fidelity. Since I caught the Obama’s Change train, we never broke up ties, despite conflictual and tough debates. I love America, but a High Standing One. Nothing surpasses a smart leadership.

But this is life. At the time you begin something everybody will be laughing “look, she is thinking this is going to succeed, she is so ridiculous, this will go nowhere”. When things are starting moving, many would join in claiming the paternity. This is life.

Internationally, The journey, for me, started in 2008.

Nationally, in France, it is an old affair :1998 with the writting of the « clonage institutionnel ».

Today, president Hollande is considering  that “some obscure forces are working French society from within – the terrorists from inside – to undermine the moral of the French people”. Guess who are them ? In a lying society-in-chief, always reverse the stances : obscure is used for enlightening. And vice versa. Yesterday, we saw a clear example of it : Mr . Moscovici, an obscure political man being presented to the European Union as a Light he is not. How is it ?

In a disastrous ruled world, named France, a politician is never held by any sort of accountability and the culture of results is always rejected – in the name of the sacro saint virgin Public Service. The great part of the leftist society comprising the entire French press, the teachers, public servants, the majority of politicians and unions consider that, public service is something precious and inestimable. Public service is public service. How it is delivered, at which costs, for which results is a secondary question, at best, and a diversion, at worst.

With that background, politicians are there to last until they are either ill or tired by oldness. Say, till death. They are not judged by the results of their actions. They are the elected people – as Israel and the Jews- and it goes like a passport a passkey and a password not only for him, but for his friends, flirts, family. Of course, those elected people never lose and election : the system is designed to lock everything in and keep the strangers out. Definitely.

Politics is a domain of privileges, impunity, unaccountability, immunity, and confiscation of (public) territories and power, a key chapter of the book recalled earlier. In French society, the notion of counter powers is inexistent. Any criticism is met with hardships. The good news is the cycle is coming to an end. French economic impasse is reopening the society again to criticism. Naturally, the young and immigrants (naturalized or not), the ones who suffer unemployment – in certain zones, the unemployment rate is up to 40%, Hervé Morin, the leader of the New Center, co-founder of an alliance of indépendants and Democrats, has recalled three months ago – those suburbian people, whom dreams have been stolen by a brutal society mired with inequalities, lies and fiscal evasion… naturally, this part of the society is Palestinian. Clearly.

What president Hollande is failing to understand – but I guess he understands it as well – is demonstrations could turn violent at any time, because of the context. The context in France is potentially explosive for the reasons described above and, for the same reasons, the non violence contract during demonstrations could fail to stand. Those are the only occasions where a people in despair and desolation can express their temper tantrum. For those French people, demonstrating for the Palestinian people is demonstrating to show their discontent and rejection of this French governance.

One proof of this French disarray is the place of Europe inside political game in France. Nearly all the politicians elected as European parliamentaries are failing politicians domestically or are old enough to retire. European Parliament is kind of garage or second zone politics : no high profile or politician on the rise is willing to go there. Their first choice is domestically. When they fail, look at the previous Hollande’s Minister of Education who failed his mission dramatically and at previous Sarkozy’s female ministers, who got it wrong during their tenure, sitting now inside the new European parliament. Look at Marine Le pen, her first choice is not the European Parliament. She has run for the latest 2012 impossible election and was beaten on the rope. She run the Hitlerian way, distributing some deadly tracts in the night against her opponent, Jean Luc Mélenchon. This was an electoral law breach, but the Constitutional Council did nothing, say nothing to sanction this act amounting to electoral terrorism.

Moscovici used to be gay. Now, he is married to a woman 35 younger. Looks like a paedophile. Paedophilia, homosexuality, infidelity , child abuse are from the same seed, quote from an UK official, commenting the cover up of Westminster paedophilie. I totally agree with that, considering the values of the civilisation we inherited.  After being dislodged from the government, Moscovici is now sitting in the French parliament as a special representant of … Nothing. This is the Nothingness French president would like to see as the coming commissioner economy in the european commission. It shows you the level of consideration of France for the Europe : a parking for failed cars.

For the record : rating Hollande’s government, Dominique Strauss Kahn said this : « half of his cabinet are incompetent/null » – Read more below « the day after ». (1)


From Mehdi’s morning news.CAMERON’S CRONIES VS VLAD’S CRONIES.

Are Cameron’s – and let’s be honest, the City of London’s – past associations with Russian oligarchs coming back to bite him in the backside? Just as the PM tries to put together an international coalition against Putin, and in favour of sanctions and embargoes? From the Daily Mail splash:

« David Cameron was under pressure last night to return a £160,000 donation from the wife of a Vladimir Putin ally.
Lubov Chernukhin, whose billionaire husband served in the Russian president’s first administration, won an auction bid to play tennis with the Prime Minister. Calling for the donation to be reversed, Labour said the Tories should ‘come clean’ over an estimated £1million in payments from Russian individuals and businesses. Conservative Party sources indicated last night however that the party will keep the Chernukhins’ money. In a further embarrassment for the Government, a report released by MPs today shows Britain was selling weapons to Russia only a few months ago. »

Meanwhile, the Times splashes on the news that the French have « accused ‘hypocritical’ Britain of cosying up to Russian oligarchs yesterday as European divisions thwarted hopes of immediate action over the shooting down of the Malaysia Airlines passenger jet ».

The Independent’s splash headline is: « Massive rise in sale of British arms to Moscow. »

Meanwhile French has sold much more than this to Russia. America is out of temper. 

CNN is announcing. Flight recorders recovered from Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash in Ukraine arrive in Britain for analysis. Fear for partiality and biaised conclusions. 


« The Federal Aviation Administration on Wednesday lifted a ban on U.S. airlines flying to Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport. 

The decision to lift the ban came after a security assessment, the FAA said in a statement. » (CNN)

Guess who bet on this ? Seriously, this ban has isolated and wiped off Israel of the map for two days. This is a slap in the face of Israeli State. Ahmadinejad prophecy is starting to materialize. Yep.

 (1) I forgot to mention to you that DSKs boys : former attendants and aides, are the backbone of this Hollandes’cabinet, starting with the PM, previously the Interior Minister, who failed to convince at this post. Nevertheless, in reference to France’s nothingnesses ruling, he was promoted at the post of PM, nobody was running for, after former PM, Jean-Marc Ayrault’s departure. The problem is : in France the PM is kind of a plug-in to remove when the president’s politics doesn’t work for the people.

Still, the president can go on reshuffling and changing the PMs, if the politics is wrong, nothing would change fundamentally. In the meantime, the PM Valls has only one thing to say to the demonstrators : « you are antisemists ». 

Who is French PM Manuel Valls ?  A book over the real face of this PM had been published sometimes ago : 

aux Editions ChiréÉvénement : la vérité enfin dévoilée – Le vrai visage de Manuel Valls, aux Éditions Facta d’Emmanuel Ratier, 2014, 120 p., 16 €

The book reveals the origin of the man and of the wealth of his family. Hold on… the golden boy is a product of gold traficking during the colonialist period. In a word, through the slavery business of black people. And, this is the former interior minister behind the penalisation and its dramatic consequences for Dieudonné and Anelka. He hunted those men, as a perfect Jewish soldier morphed into an Holocauster.

This is it : Nazis were persecuted and pursued for spoliating the Jews. What about those Jewish miraculous fortunes made out of Black  blood and colonialist trafickings of all sorts. Valls reminds me of a Victor Hugo miserabilist character : Thenardier who travelled to America in nineteen century and made his fortune as a slaver. Until this book, the life of this PM was a legend.

When will those Jewish thefts be sued, in turn, to give back the stolen money to African nations ?

In the row, when  will an international inquiry be conducted over the damages of the contaminated blood sold to Africa during Laurent Fabius Premiership tenure, many years ago. You can see how politicians never leave power in France. They hung on it. The scandal ended into a healthcare disaster in Africa enhancing the HIV contamination’s cases at a level never reached before. This should not go unpinished. The man is the current Foreign Minister, rewarded as a carrier of jewish connections and powers of money in supporting Hollande’s presidential candidature. He got this post as a reward for those « obscures services rendus ». See how things match.

I recommend this case to International lawyers and to the ICC as « intentional collective empoisonment leading to uncountable deaths ». This qualifies as serial killings and murder at first degree. At a minimum France should compensate the victims and African States, by millions.

Tell me how a normal French could keep quiet and silent ? Those are cases for fights. Really. That is why, yesterday, you have heard slogans like « assassins » within  demonstrations. When you put things into context, you got a comprehensive picture.

Who is PM Valls ? Read a previous text here.


Lying is “Good For Business”: The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Mainstream Media (MSM) are “Serial Liars”

Global Research, July 24, 2014


The powerful voices of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) exert a decisive influence on the formulation of US foreign policy.

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) describes itself as “independent and nonpartisan…[and] an indispensable resource in a complex world.”

Its website at www.cfr.org is heralded as “a trusted, nonpartisan source of timely analysis on international events and trends.” It’s authoritative Journal Foreign Affairs “is widely considered to be the most influential magazine for the analysis and debate of foreign policy and economics.”

Unquestionably the CFR is said to provide a “carefully documented” and “objective” understanding of World events including the crisis in Ukraine and the crimes committed against the people of Palestine.

In the latest CFR blurb on Israel’s ground war against Gaza authored by Hussein Ibish, and posted on the Council’s website, prime minister Netanyahu is said to have a profound “dislike for military conflict”:

These are some of the CFR highlights concerning Prime Minister Netanyahu: the unspoken victim of what the author describes as “unpredictable politics”:

Have the whole story here : Lying is “Good For Business”: The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Mainstream Media (MSM) are “Serial Liars”


« At least 15 people were killed and more than 200 injured in a strike in Gaza that hit a U.N. school providing shelter for those who fled their homes, a Palestinian Health Ministry spokesman said.

The Palestinian government says the strike on the shelter was the result of « brutal aggression » by Israel. A U.N. official in Gaza said he is « not saying that either side is responsible. »

Israel Defense Forces told CNN the strike is under investigation and that a rocket fired from Gaza may have hit the building. « In the course of the afternoon, several rockets launched by Hamas from within the Gaza Strip landed in the Beit Hanoun area, » the IDF said ». (CNN)