« WE HAVE YOU »! Bloomberg National Poll – March 24, 2016 Bernie Sanders: 49% Hillary Clinton: 48%

Bernie Sanders for President

Elise –

The political establishment may want us to step aside before the map shifts in our favor. The corporate media may continue to write us off as they have throughout this entire campaign.

But one thing is clear: the working families of this country who are held back by a rigged economy kept in place by a corrupt system of campaign finance are still fighting to take their country back from the billionaire class:

Bloomberg National Poll – March 24, 2016
Bernie Sanders: 49%
Hillary Clinton: 48%

Our surge in the polls couldn’t come at a more important time. With three caucuses on Saturday, we are poised to significantly cut into Hillary Clinton’s delegate lead, and that’s why there’s no more important time for us to ask:

Contribute $3 today ahead of Saturday’s three critical caucuses. Every delegate matters, and your contribution could mean the difference between hitting our goals, or falling just short.

Up until this point, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been funded almost entirely by high-dollar donors, and this week is no different. She has a series of fundraising events asking people to bundle as much as $50,000 a piece.

But we have you, Elise. And if we continue to stand together and fight against the billionaire class trying to buy this election, we can win.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016



Picture. World class. January 2015. D.C. The morning after I POSTED THIS PICTURE (SEE OUR PREVIOUS POST) – (this 3/25, I woke up and I found ostensibly displayed over my laptop a sheet of paper, an old one I was not even thinking about anymore. And guess what where the mentions on it : the phone number of my friend I stayed with in Maryland, the moment I took this picture. His name was on it plus the name of Mr. Anthony Brown. The worms managed to get in during the night – fucking Securitas Security I’ve alerted on the multiple violations of my apartment, and they keep telling me « it is impossible, we have the anti spoiling cams ». Ah Han, what they fail to understand is the invisible and undetectable cloak and the FBI and french intelligence secret services drones’ and furtive hands able to legally unlock any locker on sale. Just write some names and the hidden collective is out during the night, never in daylight. Always hiding. Frankly I couldn’t find that sheet anymore, as I have numerous papers around. The message is : try to call your friend, we have already gotten in contact with him to ask him to keep his home shut for you, in case, you are planning to come in Washington. We have already bribed the man for the sabotage mission of your personal life. Not only in Maryland, but also in France, through a panel of Institutions. Hold on.
Here is my bottom line : if those are men enough, they should come and visit me daylight. After all, we belong to them, until further notice.This is first.
Second, I’m an invisible dam. Marguerite Duras has written such a huge book. It is titled « a dam against the Pacific ».
Security, security and…. how to rig elections by threatening the opponents and eliminating them, using dark methods. Pif. Imagine, America is campaigning, but a hidden gang is operating inside a flat at Villefontaire (France). Watch the Gap : is it another version of Goliath vs David. Kind of a remake.
Do you know this french « Blanche Neige » tale – a tale is a big mirror of the Humanity – where the Queen kept herself asking the mirror « tell me if I’m still the most beautiful woman of the World » ? And the mirror will answer…. This is what happens when you lie to yourself, you end up lowering yourself down in self-damnation. Methods like these are what make our modern times flavourless, less creative and less moving. Spectacle comes thus as the second best to fill the boredom and soul vacuity.

Education and Culture, not money, are the savior and the savor of the World. When you got the first, you will get the latter, sooner or later. And cherry on the cake : self-fulfillment and blooming, not that envy and jealousy holding you slave(s) into permanent personal properties violations and chronical insatisfaction.

Now that the hidden email server is starting to emerge, what are they going to do with that damned hole thing? Interesting to follow the investigation about the magical disappearance of some emails, just like that, by clicking your magic fingers.



A case study with bail. No one should have to pay for his freedom.

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Dear Elise,
Hundreds of thousands of people are trapped in jail every day — mostly for minor offenses — due to their inability to afford bail. Pre-conviction incarceration can cost people their jobs, their homes, and even their children. The threat of these devastating consequences forces many people who are unable to afford bail to plead guilty just to get out of jail and get back to their lives. Right now, America’s system of money bail requires poor people to buy themselves out of jail even if they have not been convicted of a crime.This broken system punishes poor people and people of color most severely. If the U.S. is to live up to the ideal that everyone deserves equal justice under the law, then it’s time to eliminate money bail from the criminal justice system. Rep. Ted Liu has introduced the No More Money Bail Act1 to help make sure no one has to pay for their freedom. Add your voice to send a strong message to Congress to pass this bill.Tell Congress: Pass the No More Money Bail Act. Click here to sign the petition.Today, the average bail amount is $90,000.2 Almost a quarter of the 2.3 million people currently in jail in the United States have not been convicted.3 It’s a situation that renders the phrase “innocent until proven guilty” utterly meaningless.


The Pentagon. Another day in paradise.

Pentagon, D.C
The Pentagon, the fortress. World Class picture, D.C. January 2015.

Coincidentally, the day before D.C call to vote, there is a terrorist failed attack at the Pentagon. Hmm. When you collide the two coincidences between Brusells attacks and Arizona take away and run fast and this timely attack [in fact two including the Paris previous failing similar claim as the Pentagon], it raises eyebrowns of suspicion of those well-oiled randoms happening precisely – at the moment the race is significantly shifting in Bernie Sanders favor – to boost war-mongering candidates. Don’t know if the NRA is part of the scheme, but we are done with those timely happenings. The Pentagon is something nearly inviolable. It is an impenetrable fortress. You need an invisible mantle to get in there without being checked throughout…

Admitting those are coincidences, one should also accept – or think about it – that a more balanced approach on foreign affairs and assistance will be more productive than the extremist one-way.

Another day of vote. Focus on Foreign Affairs and on home security with a more balanced approach.

*** Do you know the Vampires small bits uglyness. Hiding in Africa for tax havens matters. Check the world as it is today with this exceptional picture. In French we say « cadavres exquis ». Selling corpses and spys is a culture.

Capture Bing image of the day
This is the World teens and children are coming across with today. Pathetic. Those are the same who were caught yesterday in plain racism, calling president Obama a monkey – using a furtive nobody for the purpose (- in fact a tech robot (watch Awaresy in our previous post), in unlimited cowardice and hate – And of course, people are calling Mr. Trump a racist. At least, his fortune is not hidden behind the humanitarian curtain. When you are obliged to use derivations to express your mind, then you are no longer a man, neither free. You behave as a slave afraid to speak his truly feelings. May be the World will come to see the hidden face namely a monster. What is the real meaning of this picture ?

Oceans 11 and Shark Tale (Gangs of Sharks in french translation)

Bernie Sanders for President

Sisters and Brothers –

In the movie Oceans 11, a gang of lovable thieves successfully heist $150 million from a vault in the basement of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Fueled primarily from high-dollar donations, Hillary Clinton has raised more than that in this campaign, and is now enlisting the support of George Clooney (Danny Ocean) to pad that total at a dinner event that will cost people up to $353,400 to attend.

Now, most of us can agree that is an obscene amount of money. It’s a sum that would require an employee making the federal minimum wage to work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for more than 5 years.

This is what we’re up against in this campaign, and why it’s so impressive we’ve held our own raising $5, $10, $27 at a time from working Americans. But with three critical caucuses just a day away, we have to ask:

Your $3 contribution to our campaign will help us win three critical caucuses tomorrow, and send a message that you have had ENOUGH of billionaires buying our elections.

Here is the truth: while tens of millions of Americans are struggling to put dinner on the table, the wealthiest people in this country have never had it so good. And the great question of this campaign is will we restore a vibrant democracy in this country, or will we slide into an oligarchy in which the economic and political life is controlled by a handful of billionaires?

That is our fight, and why your $3 contribution is so important.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016



George Clooney was Obama’s and Kerry’s Sherpa in the partition of Sudan, under the « never on our watch » disguised-scenario to bring this nation, undergoing a civil war, down on to its knees. Sudan is actually the shadow of what this immense African country used to be. In Sudan, Muslims supremacy against black christians has evolved into a civil war. A more balanced approach would have called for a reconciliation, like in Rwanda. But, triumphant amateurism under the humanitarian disguise brought Hell in Sudan. The clivage between Muslims and Christians exists in Sudan, in Nigeria and in Central African Republic. In Cameroon and Ivory Coast, Muslims and Christians are living as brothers and sisters and there are lots of mixed marriage between them. It tells a lot about the « divide to conquer before enslaving » model.