We need a positive agenda. Share Wisconsin Fine Gold Enthusiasm and Niger people fight for their public ressources.

« They sold us out » – follow the link to watch the video shared by Total Collapse – and, frankly, we need a positive agenda in the Senate. One that will consider things like the Patriot Act as temporary policies to face an emergency only.

We need Senators playing their Constitutional sentinels role, as freedoms gatekeepers, because innovations and opportunities come with freedoms (1) – Read the case of Niger capsized by a double foreigner unfriendly presence – unfriendly to the people of Niger, but friends of officials: this has been a permanent trend in Africa.

The Constitution can’t be treated as civil marriage ; it is not something you handle like a simple paper or copy. The Constitution embodies the spirit and the soul of a Nation. From souls to that Big Soul, the Constitution is our Sky and our Haven. It brings us the kind of enthusiasm and protection money can’t buy.

Wisconsinites, America needs Russ back in the Senate. Russ is a total hit! Feingold. Read what he said below.

(1) Yesterday also, responding to the call of 38 local associations to march on the Parliament, people of Niger, most of them Youth,  were demonstrating against the gov accused to choke liberties and ill-governing the country. The organisers and the marchers were denouncing the sellout of natural ressources of Niger and the presence of french and american military bases on the back of Nigerien people impoverishment.

Djibril Abarchi, the president of the Nigerien association for Human Rights defense also expressed dissatisfaction of the people with the decision of the president – looking for another mandate – to raise the numbers of MP’s to 171 from 113 actually. Djibril Abarchi considers this as waisted charges on the back of Nigeriens, taking place inside a background of poverty.

Institutional clonage is a Worldwide issue. What you see nationally mirrors the international scene micmac.

Nigerien Head of State, Mr. Mahamadou Issoufou, is running for his succession. Legislatives and presidential elections are due to take place in 2016 – first half of the year.

Source. El Watan. Des milliers de personnes ont manifesté hier à Niamey, capitale du Niger, contre le gouvernement qu’elles accusent d’étouffer les libertés et de mal gérer le pays, ont rapporté des médias. Majoritairement jeunes, les protestataires ont marché dans la matinée jusqu’au siège du Parlement, répondant ainsi à l’appel de 38 associations locales, selon l’agence AFP. «C’est un ras-le-bol général et les maux que nous dénonçons sont nombreux», a indiqué Moussa Tchangari, l’un des organisateurs de la marche, citant «le bradage des ressources naturelles, la présence des bases militaires françaises et américaines», sur fond de «paupérisation des populations». «Les libertés nous paraissent étouffées», a lancé Djibril Abarchi, le président de l’Association nigérienne pour la défense des droits de l’homme (ANDDH), un autre initiateur de la marche. Les protestataires ont également décrié une décision du gouvernement d’augmenter le nombre des députés de 113 à 171 en 2016. «Il s’agit de faire encore supporter aux Nigériens des charges inutiles», s’est insurgé M. Abarchi. Cette manifestation a eu lieu alors que des élections législatives et présidentielle seront organisées au cours du premier semestre 2016 au Niger. Le chef de l’Etat, Mahamadou Issoufou, est candidat à sa propre succession.

African leaders are blind when it comes to defining priorities and using money for all the people, not for « crony capitalism », fully operative in the West side. Now. Their first and essential activity is now exclusively concentrated on protecting their abusive Wealth wrongly earned in the back of their own people, totally enslaved and happy – for the larbin’s side of them – to be enchained. There are two consequences out of this lapse.

>>> The first one is the radicalisation and the revolt of the people unwilling to be enslaved, one more time or for the first time.

>>>> And, the second is about Internet and the advertisers corp. becoming a Kingdom of gangs operating freely and openly, with the consent and full tolerance of the « leaders of the World », leading the World as a compact Jungle. The leaders of the World are selling us out to these gangs of thieves to be spoliated and pressure.

Impunity is the new normalcy. So is Gangsterism. And Criminality. The leaders of the G7 stamp that unconditionally.

That is why we welcome the Egyptian rule to rescind Hamas as a non terrorist group. Compared to the gangsters operating in the Net, through false titles of articles, using ads as methods of harassment and systematic intellectual property gruge to build an agenda upon such a spoliative act ; all of this going unpunished because our ID are sold out without our consent… compared to those gangs of rats corrupting the net, the Hamas is Clean and truly Men. I applaude the Egyptian court. Loudly. They just need eyes to see the evidence.

About Internet gangsterism : I will bring you some evidence sometimes ahead.  Unlike the rats, I/we operate in plain sight and our activity is not an underground organisation, nor is it a dark operation conducted from behind. That’s why I’ve stopped free ads coming from Google in my sites. They are untold sneaking weapons aiming at terrorising in silence anyone who dares throwing light in their holes to bring them to the surface. Whether the rats are circumventing google or inside google ad department is not the issue : google is a big machine ; if they want to kick the rats out of their process, they have the know-how.

Sometimes, a little « win » can endup into a big loss.

Vampires do not like or support LIGHT. If only you could see what I can see, you’ll know the face of the devil and some of its delegates : they bear names like la Redoute teasing my email-space with yahoo’s authorised ads of sheets and baby born stuffs – imagine if  I was a woman without children… But I will explain it more in order for you to nail it precisely – I stop buying anything at la Redoute I can’t remember when and this is never going to happen one day.

As forRenault, it is a great desolation to see such a big company roaming around to get some inspiration from a story I told over diving into water and coming out wet – Oh, not wet but totally dry – Sure you correct me here and you got it right. Big money and poor standing and standards are trends of the new capitalists. That new mediocre the IMF is insisting upon constantly.

The Daily Kos is more complicated : there is a mix of articles directly picked out from my email-box. Yesterday, my attorney in Washington emailed me urging me to respond to Progressive Insurance. Before I responded to tell him I’m no longer interested in discussing with people of bad faith and he can go ahead with them, if he finds this necessary, I got a mail  from the Kos I followed in. And guess what, there was an article over abusive insurance claim. I clic on it and I went face to face with insanities of all kinds led by french ads ; it was as if I was reading a french outlet I ‘m no longer reading for a long long time by now.

Progressive Insurance will not pay a dime. So, let it be.

This morning, as I was reading new american websites links adviced by the Credo over democratic party insignificant number of debates, I encountered the same problem. Apart from the article written in english, everything there is french. Hell is this porn and prostitute technology getting toxic and polluating everything. BOYCOTT THEM.

For books promotors and editors – for instance, if you are in love and living an extraordinary love story, the book you’ll be seing whereever you go to the net is « love is a mirage » – So what else ? You see the devil ?

I have more to tell you on the issue. I’ll tell you why and you’ll understand how dirtiness, jealousy and cupidity work simultaneously with morbidity, economic destruction, intellectual impovershment, zero moral standard, hate and misery. Those are ex poors : poverty is a second crocodile skin and hideous nature. Working to lift the floor of poverty as the NYC is fighting it presently is reshaping the entire society from the sand to the roof. We need Oxygen.

Climate change is Urbanism and Justice environment change first of all.

Justice today —————-

From the BBC World. US police officer to face murder trial over shooting

« A white police officer in South Carolina is to go on trial for the murder of an unarmed black man after shooting him in the back as he ran ».


« The U.S. Supreme Court struck down part of a federal statute that allowed Americans born in Jerusalem to list Israel as the place of birth on their passport (CNN).


In the end, you feel real pity for people being in such a psychological sufferance and despair. Pity and contempt. But here is the keyword : bring those vermin into light. AND THEN BOYCOTT THEM.

You want to see a relationship ? Follow the reading in El Watan.

El Watan. International campaign of Israel Boycott. Read Here. Grosse panique dans l’Etat hébreu. 

Russ for Wisconsin

« We need a positive agenda — a job-creating, family-supporting agenda that’s based on opportunity for ALL Wisconsinites. An agenda that channels the optimism that courses through the veins of the people of Wisconsin. Because no matter who you are or what kind of work you do, you should be rewarded for your hard work. You should be able to make ends meet and have some time to enjoy your family. »

– Russ Feingold, last night

Last night, Russ did what he’s best at: Uniting people around bold, progressive ideas that will lift up all Wisconsinites. He gave a speech to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin State Convention that had young people and seasoned activists alike shouting for more.

Simply put — Russ was a total hit!

We got a great video from the big speech. Can you help us spread the incredible momentum from last night? Share this on Facebook:

Watch Russ bring down the house -- and then share on Facebook

We all know Russ has an unflappable determination to rally Wisconsinites around commonsense solutions that benefit all families, not just multi-millionaires and billionaires. That’s why Tea Party Republicans like Ron Johnson will come after Russ with everything they’ve got.

But the enthusiasm last night is proof that something’s brewing — not just in Milwaukee, but in every one of Wisconsin’s 72 counties. And now Russ is on the road listening to folks, at workplaces and worksites, at coffee shops and fast food restaurants, at small businesses and local parks, at senior centers and college campuses all over the state.

Folks all across Wisconsin are rising up and demanding real change — and we must elect leaders who fundamentally respect and listen to all Wisconsinites.

So please share Russ’s big moment last night with your friends — and help us grow this movement.

Because this is the kind of enthusiasm money can’t buy.


Tom Russell
Campaign Manager