We now know why Bill de Blasio gambled his support to Hillary : Criminal fundraising for elections.

Bernie Sanders told you : this is the moment of Truth.

This is a political Revolution.

After NY primary, NY Prosecutor is investigating NY’s electoral frauds. We are told that the responsible of Brooklyn voting file has been fired for wiping off 100,000 names on the file, without the voters knowing. She advocated a « routine clean up of the files ».  Who can beleive this story ? May be a new-born.

Now, who is responsible for the suppression of the polls stations prior to the vote, without informing the voters or communicating on this in total  transparency, before the primary votation. This is a deliberate act of sabotage. All what makes voting difficult instead of easing is a cheat.

If only one voter has some reason to be unhappy with the organisation of the polls, this is enough to complain. One man, one vote is a non negotiable principle. Nothing here can be considered groundless. Exemplarity is needed at the polls.

Unfortunately, Birds of the same feather always fluck together. One criminal fundraising can hide another one. New York, New York, Wake up !

The Panama Papers are next to reveal some hidden things and untold stories. Hold on!

This is the moment ot truth.


Apparently, journalists are victims of the people, according to Reporters without Borders. Journalists or thieves like them ? Journalists or spys like them ? Journalists or stooges like them ? Journalists or terrorists-like as them ? Journalists or carpetbaggers ? Journalists or a pack of Hillary supporters ? Journalists or co-voters-cheaters ? Journalists or democracy underminers ? Journalists or Paparazzis ? Journalists or keyholes ? Journalists or presstitudes ? Journalism of retention of information ? Journalism or Progaganda ? Journalism or professional liars? ….

I’ve been told « charlie hebdo », remember Wall Street was « je suis Charlie’- has published something on Stromae subtitled « Papa where are you » ? after a song of the singer. Problem, the father of the singer was killed in Rwanda during the genocide. If there was a journalist deontology, this sheet should be heavily fined.