We the people supporting Liberty and Freedom of Speech and Dieudonné are persona non grata in UK.

According to French newspapers and TV info, the spokesman of the UK Home Ofice has  confirmed Dieudonné Mballa (the humorist)  is persona non grata in UK, to visit his friend Nicolas Anelka, the british football federation is suing for sanctions, after he did the « quenelle gesture » lately in a stadium, in the playing field (picture).

Because some Jews in France and the nearly all-French Jewish government along with french medias owned and managed – most of the time – by Jews people,  and political parties led by similar jews leaders – add to this list, public sponsored communitarian bodies such as LICRA (allegedly fighting racism and antisemtisim) or CRIF (a religious jew’s body) have declared the quenelle is a gesture recalling nazi’s salute : Heil Hitler ! Indeed.

Also, because those are the leading forces in France : once they have decided this is it, no contradiction is authorised. This is where dictatorship begins, censorship, rule of the jungle : the powerful win all the times, eventhough they are wrong. While you may count on freedom of press, forget about it : a once journalist is publishing a book « the mediatic horror » arguing any sense of free criticism has vanished inside the profession and easy  journalism – may I say corrupt or interested – is the outcome of this. All the  networks are aligning one to another, reducing the choice of news on the air to a short list all of them will go on commenting all day long, in the same way.

One size fits all

Ukraine for instance : western medias and even the new Big one Muslim network are chanting against president Ianoukovitch.

In USA, Gov. Chris Christie is hunted by the same mediatic consortium, before being condemned by Justice –  if guilty for the lane closures. Just remember that Chris Christie had helped Obama respectfully with Sandy storm during the presidential campaign. Probably republicans are going to make him pay for praising Obama’s commandement-in-Chief at the time. On the other side, democrats are fighting him to kill him down as a serious contender for 2016.

In the end, Gov Christie is standing at a crossfire.

NY Mayor, Bloomberg also joined forces with Obama, during this Sandy episode and endorsed him, for the handling of the Storm damages. Gov Christie and Mayor Bloomberg Republican and Independant leaders, have played by the interest of State – setting themselves above partisanism lines and mediatic connivence.

Back to Dieudonné, not only Britain is the place where Extremist muslims were given public stage to preach Islamic principles, Britain was having a reputation of a nation of freedoms. This storytelling belongs to the past, with this announcement.

Who and why so many leading figures are so afraid of  Dieudonné knowing perfectly that Hitler scale of murder is just impossible today ? Myths are worst than lies, particularily when they are groundless. 

Don’t tell a word of the murdering of Jews. But laugh at Indiens of America, mass murdered by all the european nations. On top of them Spain, Portugal  and UK, Pirats. So when you hear « Born in  USA », just laugh at it. The sentence is incomplete : « born in USA from immigration descendance », is the complete sentence. Each American, All of them, on the exception of  Indiens, are descendants of Immigrants. The land is Indiens’.

British, Italians, Irish, Jews chased from Germany and the wanderings, Germans, black slaves, hispanics, chinese and asiatic, Indians and Pakistanis, each American family comes from Immigration. Senator Rubio from Florida is not disqualified for supporting the immigration law. He is making a good inspiring choice. By the way, instead of repeating the game  that let them out of the presidential race :eliminating the best presidential profile in the primaries session, GOP should think twice : scoring politician KOs or racing to win.

Now that Britain, under Jew’s influence, have declared Dieudonné personna non grata, who is next on the move ? With such practices, UK is sending a wrong message to the World, as far as  Israeli/Palestinian talks are concerned and legitimating the state of Apartheid inside Israel. Fear for  racial cleansing targetting immigrants inside the Jews state, especially Black People.

May I say, UK is racist ? I’m afraid yes. This interdiction of territory is contrary to European treaty on the point of free european circulation inside the EU. A point of law. What’s happening with this end of tenure in UK ? Terrific.

The Good News is the World is bigger than UK. Thanks God. This move is a big shame.