West Virginia, we understand your shot. Bang! Bang! End the Darwinist regime!

This is an opportunity to define a progressive vision for America.

Bernie Sanders for President

Sisters and Brothers –

We just got word that we won our 19th state, taking the majority of the delegates in today’s primary in West Virginia.

Every vote we earn and every delegate we secure sends an unmistakable message about the values we share, the country’s support for the ideas of our campaign, and a rejection of Donald Trump and his values.

Now we’re on to two more primaries next week in Kentucky and Oregon, where we also hope to do very well. So let’s keep going.

Add a $2.70 contribution to our campaign and we can win Kentucky and Oregon next week and send a powerful message that we’ll fight for our values all the way up to the Democratic convention.

There is nothing I would like more than to take on and defeat Donald Trump, someone who must never become president of this country. But I believe that it is not enough to just reject Trump – this is an opportunity to define a progressive vision for America. Voters agree: just today, three new polls showed that we are the best campaign to defeat Trump.

We fully acknowledge we have an uphill climb ahead of us, but we’re used to that. We have been fighting uphill from the day this campaign began, and we’re going to stay in the race until the last vote is cast. And with your help, I hope to take on Trump, too. Thank you for standing with me.

Add a $2.70 contribution to our campaign now.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders



Yesterday, I went out at a Mall at Leclerc, somewhere in France. Immediately after, photos magazines and fashion of a 80 woman looking magically young, second skin and abs or photoshoping are crazy in panic and jealousy – they can’t help following –  for comparison in black vs white first, before black vs black.

Small people are dogs.

  • shameless
  • always looking at the neighbor’s meat and places
  • wandering
  • big thieves
  • strong smell
  • and best of it, dogs eat their vomit.

Each time I’m making a sortie, wherever, dogs are after me, to oppose something. Copy, imitation, falsification instead of authenticity and honesty to praise what you can’t have, do or be and trying to take advantage using other people investment, creativity and capital.

Those are birds of prey. Their aim is to dispossess people while stealing nearly everything of/from them.

There is a common pattern of intimidation, disqualification and dispossession of the people carried out by the entire establishment to keep power into their hands, using abuses. This basement of distortion and denigration if not devalorisation of the people is the place to cut into.

Watch pictures showing Sanders has won WV. The shadows of Hillary is present. Why ? This is a ghostly tactic.

Dispossession of Virginians has led to their extreme poverty. Time to reclaim our possession, our identity, our history and our values. Our authenticity and destiny swept away long time ago.

Unchain your life.


Don’t fall into the easy trap of the already declared democratic winner. It is another trickery, a poor tactic set in place even before New-York. Remember, at the time, they were asking Bernie Sanders to drop out of the race in order to leave the former SS to take Trump on.

I’m not lecturing you that a man in such a hurry is not only trying to escape a scandal ahead but he is in this again : stealing and robbering an undeserve victory.

In this road, some aides will decry Sanders as the robber, when he is winning. But, when Hillary is, she is the promised fiance of America. When Sanders is losing, he must leave the stage :declaration of the gangs.

When Hillary is losing heavily – as it occurs every time she loses -, this does not matter, she has already embroiled the game in the South with strange arrangements.

When Sanders wins, he is systematically pictured with the shadow of Hillary vampirising his victory. Shameless are dogs.

If you look at those pictures, you’ll see clear signs of panic and, to hide the panic, the tactic consists in talking as if the next primaries were useless. Those gangs are demonising democracy and Americans citizens. Americans you are contemptible, those Clintonien bands are telling you. They master the game, before you can vote. Your participation in this democracy worth nothing, in their eyes.

Clinton can not win against Trump, if by extraordinary, she became the nominee. I know that the gangs have been stealing, cheating and winning like this, for a century now. Why changing a winning pattern, just keep it the way we are used to, they think.


Times have changed. Those are times for the Apocalypse. Meaning revelations and punishment = pay back.

Thieves are going to pay back their robberies. Multiply it by the endless harms and crimes done during the same period, to see the  scale of their debt toward Humanity, democracy, economy (1) and civilisation.

(1) Now, structural reforms are needed everywhere to overturn the tide. Spain has done the job and the results are there. 

Judging by the speed the gang is trying to impose at this election, something is under the rug. Unfortunately for them, we are here till November and Bernie Sanders is going to win the nomination. It is about History now.

In facts, Bernie Sanders has already WON. The entire system of flaws have been exposed and is going to change or die.

Now, the superdelegates can turn the people’s votes around. It is up to them. No matter the issue of the convention, we are here till November.



Spain: Labor Dynamism Hits New Highs – France is struggling to match up. The new law of labor enforced yesterday, by strenght, is another sign of rejection and weakness of the PM who has engaged his responsibility in the battle, not only with defiant parliamentaries but also with people on the streets. Yesterday, after the 49.3 card’s slam on the table, (which imposes the will of the gov over the paliament, in last resort), another round of demonstrators followed the dictatorial move.

Sadiq Khan: London’s First Muslim Mayor – OpEd – I would like to see this happening in Paris. But, this is an impossibility. The explainer lies into the type of colonisation and decolonisation between the Kingdom and Paris. UK ex colonies are better of than the french still occupied, by the same gang operating in America right now to derail the electoral process. Band of birds of prey.

I’ve left the  best for the end, to isolate a perfect example of news manipulation.  Under the title : Georgia President Says Proposed Constitutional Bar To Same-Sex Marriage Is ‘Storm In Teacup’, you are expecting to read that Georgia previously adopted same-sex marriage law and now the country is debating to overturn the rule. Nada. It is a trick, a false title – reflecting the reality show or the comedy show process -. It looks like titles talking about the victorious Hillary, losing West Virginia yesterday where she did an impressive score in 2008.

Read the article to see that « Georgia’s civil code already specifies that marriage is a “voluntary union of man and woman”, effectively banning same-sex marriage ». To secure this, the parliament needs to add some precision. This will avoid loopholes to exploit abusively. The article didn’t mention that. This was a voluntarly omission. You may think the article – funded by USAID – is talking about Georgia. Not at all, it is attempting to prevent such a revision elsewhere in the western world. The title is aiming at France.

A storm in a tea-cup is a reversible stance. Good to send mix messages and to set minds confusion.

Same sex marriage adoption looks like Hillary’s promised victory. More of the same process or approach. In a hurry. Before you could talk, the law is adopted. This is similar to a spectacle of magic conducted with wizzards.

Either Obama 2 and french president were elected under the promise of ruling same-sex marriage in. It was a precondition to gain the mediatic support. Obama 1 was not pro same-sex marriage. Then,  at the end of its tenure, he started changing the tune.

As for president Hollande, without signing in in advance, the medias will not have supported him, fighting sitting president Sarkozy the kind they are doing against Bernie. This game has already been screened in France, in 2012. French medias discredited themselves definitely. Now, they are mistrusted and dismissed. French people no longer trust them.

The circular pact goes like this : the medias are firm to ask the gov to keep funding them through all kinds of subsidies or tax exemptions. They also asked for gay-marriage and many other things such as having one or many of them inside gov offices as Press Secretary in the the WH, for instance – cultural minister in France or advisor at the Elysee Palace. Secretary, minister or advisor inside govs.

On their part, the multinationals and banksters also have their conditions to submit to the candidates. This is a deal between the candidates, billionaires and the press.

If a candidate agrees, like Hillary did, billionaires will pour the money in the pot to campaign, while the medias will hold the first line on the front of war to distort, to lie, to cheat and in the end to manipulate the game.

Previously bought politicians, funded by billionaires must also help the scheme to succeed. Arizona, Memphis, New York for instance.

In-between, the party has secured the organisation.

Google and Yahoo will crowned this with the drums of false vicious circle referencing.

The media and Wall-Street are twins : they are considered by the gov as too-big to fail or to jail. But not to harm, to commit crimes and poison the environment including our democracy hold up and our privacy violated. Both Wall-Street and the medias are invisible armies of the US and the West abroad. They serve the propaganda’s discourse of exporting democracy, free press, and all sort of rubbish to abuse the World about their truly intentions and missions of Hell.

The establishment have organised themselves as a mafia, a gangster and Darwinist regime. Read in our previous post, how superdelegates were created.

Supporters of Sanders will never vote for this gansgta too-big-to-fail or to jail regime. It is as simple like that. It is about being true to what we believe in and keeping our word.


Fraternally Yours,


Nigeria is asking the stolen assets of the Nation located in London to be returned to the land they were stolen from. Nigeria is asking for repossession. The issue concerns the entire African nations, former colonies :

  • of France, late president Bongo of Gabon was the president bis of France, in charge of nominating the president cabinet, for being the funder-in-chief of french political parties ; 
  • of Belgium where Mobutu was funding and developing villages. He did the same in Brazil where he ws a landlord and a businessman.
  • of UK. Lybia, and so forth, Egypt…
  • of Italia. Lybia again.
  • Obiang Nguema’s money was invested in France.

Switzerland and Germany, Luxembourg are also lands for those former stolen assets from Africa wealth. Former Cameroonian president, Ahidjo has left big money in Swiss.

Africa’s stolen money has been hugely invested everywhere but in Africa. An interesting story to be told one day.