What it takes to be a president. First : political Revolution and Evolution.

Political Revolution. The case of Bernie Sanders highlighted by CNN.

Will Bernie Sanders start a revolution?

Political Revolution ? Repeat after me. From Democracy to Olygarchy, I wrote a book since 2007 precisely on the issue. Very happy to see that some of us were already speaking up this ugly cheating. Remember the relationship drawn here between vulgarity, morbidity, mediocrity and criminality ?This is the inevitable chain of events. Search « I hate vulgarity » here.

ci vitrine site The book is available – contact us. 15 euros, 327 pages. April, 2007. Americas problem is a World issue. This is a Global Game and a Big Scenario.

Now, the debate : shooting with the lip or with fake money or institutions built on slavery money ? America will make a choice. And you know what, people sitting on a pile of ill-earned money will not believe their eyes.

Just look at this chain :

First, those people so rich, they called themselves, are thefts coming to steal the words in the mouth of those who shoot by the lip. Who is low and already outpaced ? Repeat after me.

Second, they count on money to capitalise on a vast campaign of misinformation, the business as usual of mediocrity that brought the entire World where it is now : in  the dustbin, intellectually, politically, culturally and economically. Before they even say a small word, they are disqualified in the eyes of the mainstream. This is a fact and not a dream.

Third, how is it when you said different things, the same so-called rich  and successful men and women are just willing to threat you or kill you while photocopying your words to look smart.

God created the World and the Universe with Words. But if you stick to « the word » as a primary school boy, unable to seize the whole meaning of the « Word », then it is not even necessary to go on writing something. Just change job and go steal in another place to justify your wages.

Yesterday, Rick Perry opposed a leadership based on speech to a leadership of accomplishments. First of all, a State is not the Union. The scale of argumentation is totally different. Anyway, he is free to say  what he wants and I abstained to criticize him. Instead, I went positive. Read our previous post.

An intellectual, a man with skills will tell you that there is no difference between speech and actions. It is even smarter, the word and the speech preceed actions. It is more than actions for it is a prospective, a cutter, a plan, a shape. This is the place for vision and visionary. Without it, no development. The rest is a technical jobs. You got two levels of leaders here. Obama, the president is not going to do the job of his administration – he lays the road, the foundation and the venues and assesses things are being done.

So are intellectual assessing things are understood and people are getting the real sense of the road ahead. Democracy comes with pedagogy and enlightening. Who is going to explain those refining thoughts and challenges to some   money shooters perverted by false money, money, money. Idiocy and short sighted so-called analysis equate to illness.

We need people to correct those wrong observations flooding the World Press in abundance.

Repeat after me. Please. Help yourself. But you are already doing so while advocating the opposite. This is an old scheme taking the best from the one you are shooting. Perversion and Big Theft as Hermitage before criminality.

It was easy and is to debunk rats from your home. THE GANGS OF ADVERTISERS.

Hardly have I posted this than in youtube, I started receiving pub of chimpanze coming from France ads inside Youtube platform. Think about 1998 world cup corruption instruction to come.

I also got images of a baby dancing over the clips. As a mother of three children, I  laugh at it especially knowing that, you can command a baby anytime, you wish so. Sterility is no longer sterility, even gays can have children as wish.

You know what, each time I’m buying something in the market place or in a mall, or coocking it in my kitchen, you have the receipe in Yahoo or in some ads send to me during my yahoo mail session. Yesterday a friend of mine told me about « fiscal optimisation » as we were having a walk. When I got home and opened my email box, I found one with fiscal optimisation as the object, sent at the time my friend and I spoke at it.

The band of olygarchs dogs are following me every where, in you tube, every where in the net and in my every day life. Those are successful men and women, so successful that the only thing they have got to feel like being alive is to follow a poor woman like me, a lipsinger. Collaborationist axist from the American Hermitage to Paris is just that. Negro means nothingness. Chimpanze also. But dogs and rats yes. Negro and chimpanze is the past tense. Oligarchs Larbins and stooges are the present. Thieves and pirats also.  It is plain for everybody to see. But, those people are not men enough to act in plan sight, they are rats operating in the darkness.They should and must not be our future.

Let me tell you this. Do you know why I never found an editor, but some of them will send me their books in promotion ? I’m not corruptible by Oligarchs mastering the Books editing world. Oligarchy is a global system of corruption and collaborationism serving lazy edition. Frankly, isn’t it huge that the writer people are reading on a daily basis today is – ME – and this writer has been unpublished ? Writing for writing, compare and tell me who is the best ?

History is in the making. Hold on. Don’t wait for those oligarchs to help you. Just do it, I will agree with Nike here. Do it by yourself. Naturally, you still got  some great brands such as Alpha Roméo or Sony coming forward with great ads. Giulietta is a big one. Sony french ads is saying « you can see what others can’t see ». Roland Barthes, a great french not the small size en vogue actually in Paris, has named it « the Punctum ». Read my post containing a bonus over « photography » and « picturing ». This is Culture you’ll never find elsewhere except here.

Actually in France, a dog named caniche for its long tongue is booming. Guess what ? Sexual Misery.  Excuse me, read sexual healing from French collaborationist tradition.

Now that the rats have taken grip on youtube, let’s forget about it. We need to break all the monopolies, for they end up as instruments of terror, whether hijacked or not. They fuck democracy and the people from behind and in the back with their toxic businesses. They are caniches.

So far, corrupt western gov have been unable to stop the Rat culture and the rats. The consequences are devastating. 

Jazzy is the latest victim. He didn’t check the Guetta’s circle and ramifications in France. Worst, like Gaddafi, he considered himself friend with the constrictor circle shaking hands and sharing smiles with you eye on eye. On your back, they organise your elimination, because they don’t suffer any competition. That is how they have been winning it, by murdering and silencing the competitors. Eventually, they block you for even starting up.

Being friend with you is one of their spying tactics on you by which they will take an edge on you, knowing perfectly where you are standing or heading for. Vampirism, sweat and blood sucking always.