Jimmy Carter fights. Women Rights. The serious and unadressed issue of the World.

These are the words of President Jimmy Carter.  There are 60,000 people in slavery actually in America, most of them women and girls enslaved sexually. Women Rights are the weakest link of both Americas politics and Worldwide.

Could you guess that America ranks 23 in 2013, concerning Women equality ?

More, by promoting sex, body perfection for sexual intercourses only and only that, nakedness, all those porn star involved into exhibitionism with the complicity of the lazy medias looking for cash NOW, how to you handle the duplicity of women themselves getting presstitutes and selling celebrities prostitution as a model of Super Feminity or Super Woman ?

Jimmy Carter: Women’s rights the fight of my life (CNN)

Read this please, but don’t jump to the Congress or the presidential candidates. Nothing is more false than believing women are the best advocates when it comes to Human Rights protection. This is a transgender sensibility. Should this have been a reality, the situation would have come up completely different. Yet, some voices are trying, but they are not the most prominents.

So, are women the best friends of women ?

War and violence have become the norm, President Jimmy Carter said. Probably why child abuses, rapes, sexual healings – see what I mean – hot booties and pilates, etc… are also been normalized in the same pot. Look at the 50 nuances of grey ? Denunciation or pig sexual adoration ? Woman you know what, don’t be abused with superficial beauty. If your job were to practice sport with a coach and skin care 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, you probably would have be Miss Universe. Simple.

Watch the nake ass of Madonna. Where is the Hygien to seat on a chair with this ? How is it even possible the Awards can authorize this animal conduct in a public event ? I mean, it is vomitting ? And those are stars who are going to open their ass to support Women Rights – excuse me – I wanted to say Gay’s rights, the most urgent situation, you know those people about to die. My ass !

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