World Cup. Brazil opening ceremony offered a final racist picture with two clones of bad Beyonce.

Is Brazil racist ? This is the first impression of the ceremony. We were expecting to see colors on the final act. Instead, we got an already seen performance : a  bad copy of Beyoncé. The body and the movement, and the shoes, everything. If this World Cup is going to be du dejà-vu, this is absolutely no good news .

Please, allow me, what are Angela and Mr. William Hague thinking of this, at the moment they are rightly out, condemning rapes in the Congo region. This final picture is contradicting their message. Boko Haram and the Taliban are certainly having a cup of tea to laugh at this advanced civilisation (1). A big shame and a bunch of two prostitutes pretending to perform something. Really ugly and stupid.

(1) And that Isis :  Read Latest Breaking News from . US Mulls Air Strikes as Iraq Militants Advance on Baghdad.

A lack of coordination can dangerously undermine a campaign.

The second malaise is the absence of black people on this final podium. Is it this the photography of Brazilian society today  ? Whites up  and Blacks down and low. What is the message here ? Did the organisers receive the message of wiping off the image of Favelas ? Can you wipe off the reality, just as if you were using a rubber for drawing and painting ? Unease with this final shot.

The repressed always erupts at a moment you never expect it to.

A good  beginning  and a poor end, this is the global feeling of this ceremony  damaged by a pathetic double clowning. I guess prostitution is going to heat the road in this Brazil cup. Deadly.

Tomorrow, Cameroon-Mexico. Have the latest over Cameroon’s preparation here.

Tomorrow again, Spain, The World Cup champ is going to enter the Arena.