World deadly influence of Jews billionnaires money floodings in Politics. US and France alike.

Yesterday, I suggested we take a break. In the meantime, before I took the pen to go on with the US presidential debate reflections, the following Oped came inside my box via Eurasianews, our partner.

As I mentioned earlier, politicians are no longer the Servants of the People. They served their employers who happened to be billionnaires and their big money massively poured into political campaigns. Must of those billionnaires, if not all of them – through a legal mafia operative for half a century at least – are Jewish.  Ultimately,  the First responsibles for this chain of slavery and maledictions are the leaders : they cheated on democracy to conduct other people’s personal criminal businesses and big thefts, on total impunity. Our past and present leaders are twice guilty. The future should write down this different story to re-establish the truth behind those treacherous spotlights.

Money in Politics should be capped.

You may understand why none of the CEOs responsible for the 2008 financial crisis has been jailed so far. They bought their immunity during presidential campaigns. In fact, they bought and make the president of the US who  finds himself trapped and totally confused, unless you are an Obama, the man who is resisting to PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

Consequently, last presidential debate, candidates were used as Israeli proxies to do the demonizing business. Mr Trump was the best of them during the debate and afterwards.

Is Israel A Two-Headed Snake In Our Midst? – OpEd


Saturday, September 19th, 2015

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Hold on please, we are coming a long way – like migrants in Europe – and we still get a long way to go exploring the matter.

……………….. Without surprise, because of GOP’s voters pro guns’ profile, you have the polls below. The Hardline is the Bestline. To GOP’s voters, Military Forces are first and end to America’s leadership. Consequently, military forces are tantamount to foreign afffairs, meaning foreign affairs are all about War, Coercition, flexing muscles and Ultimatums. The McCain Model Plus = King Kong on top of the World Trade Center. Boom. Boom.