World Music. The beginning of the end of stars prostitutes.

At least a star is out there to speak up over the extreme vulgarity of porn pop stars exposing their nackedness, day after day, the day after going furious than the day before.

Rihanna, Minaj, Kim and today Beyonce again, the body singer, are the latest on a list of porn singers going prostitute with their nacked awkward pictures on display everywhere in the net. The message of this is double zero.

My joy is this video – look below -in which Rashida Jones is asking those porn singers to stop behaving like prostitutes. According to the french commentator of the video, Rashida Jones has tweeted a message asking to hold on a competition displaying the insider of their vagina. I like that message. I even approuve it.

The last message I put on line expressing the same bad taste, the Huffpost sent this page back lauding a naked Beyonce and so forth – Beyonce Poses Nude In A Hammock, Posts Sexy Swimsuit Pics – . Pif. At the bottom of the page, you could see unbelievable photos of porn sex intercourse. Those pictures have been removed or replaced in between. What is the message here ? Sponsoring a porn singer or a singer looking porn ? Terrific.

We are leaving extremely poor times. Really. Especially for women and our daughters on the verge of taking slippery slopes as they are looking at this savage exposition of porn singer’s bodies in fury and going kind of madness.

And guess what, black stars are the poorest among them. Slaves they were, slaves they are, slaves they will always be. A real shame. Even more so, this hold up is deloyal and dishonest to the porn industry and to the sex workers’ profession and professionals.

Getting off the clothes is the easiest thing to do – Each woman with plenty of time to take care at herself and whose job is to be beautiful or to represent it is surely going to be – this is not in dispute : coaching, plastic surgery, care cream, slimming cream, cosmetics, whitening lotion, hair dressing, hair extensions and coloration, botox, anti-wrinkles, make up, fake nails and eyebrows make up, extenseur eyelashes, diets, nutritionists advice, massages, draining sessions, mesotherapy, facialist and stylist assistance –  this list is made for you to get up to the challenge.  

To end with, Photoshop smoother, slimming and cleaner for a zero default result. Too many tools are at disposal to magnify the beauty. This is for sure. The richer, the better the results will be. So there is no risk of failure.

The real risk, when you are an artist, is to sing the national Anthem, the D Day, whatever the weather. This is a one time opportunity in a lifetime. You never miss that. By the way, It is a sin to distort the original version of a National Anthem which deserves – in respect to the Tradition and to the solemnity of that highest symbol – to be chanted nearly in adoration, without adding those extra noisy ornamental derivatives and improvisations.

Going nake. What for ? Nonsense.

May be we need another version of « Desperates Wifes »  changed into « Desperates stars ».

We were expecting from those World musician Black Stars, especially from the couple topping the box office, to come up with some sort of originality, a creative authentic path honoring Black Culture and Essence, instead of those Monkey’s wrenches coping with the basic instincts of White Culture given as the Supreme Culture of the World. Pif.

Suddenly, I’m recalling the case of Miss White betraying Herman Cain, a Republican primary Black Candidate, at the critical moment, when Cain was taking over his opponents for the nomnation. Since then, we knew how many and powerful the ennemies of Cain were and how  they were operating from within, to replace president Obama by a White Obedient President to the System in place.

She certainly was paid a great amount of money to give Herman Cain by those unscrupulous hands. Wrong road. At that time, I also remember Mike Tyson, hired on a website to parody Herman Cain. Joking. Fortunately, the mascarade didn’t stay that long.

Black people are enslaved. It’s past Time to break those invisible chains, not by reversing the course to James Brown « Say loud, I’m black and proud », but certainly to stop engaging oneself into some travesty cultural framework which could turn up being another trap, another version of slavery, making a toy of you or a mockery of stupid black people, as usual. Watch out, you porn Black stars.

In the excellent Movie, « Meeting with Joe Black », a radiant Brad Pitt has this excellent replica to give to Anthony Hopkins who is asking Joe (Brad) if he needs some money. Joe Black laughed taking the money and said « ah, that thing which does not give happiness ».

Translate : I’m the richest musician performer in the World and I’m playing it starlet. How can a Diva be that low and play a contradictory game this way ? Unless you are Black or a Slaver, you can’t get the point. So it is not about going against White Culture, it’s about the driven savage and Monkey potential travesty of it.

Watch Rashida Jones video here – in a french outlet.

Beyonce Poses Nude In A Hammock, Posts Sexy Swimsuit Pics.